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With the flick of a switch or a tap on an app, you can change a room’s atmosphere with a lamp. Want a cosy, calm vibe for movie night? Some pep to start your day? Indoor lighting can set the mood, add style and of course, brighten things up. We’ve got indoor lamps covered from floor to ceiling.

Our shiniest lamp yet

There is nothing subtle about the new ACKJA table lamp. The chrome-plated lamp base is all about creating a statement. Simply combine with a decorative light bulb to create a style and mood to suit your personality and space.

A neatly arranged row of ACKJA table lamps, with different bulbs, against a terracotta-coloured wall.
Part of an ACKJA table lamp, showing where the upper and lower metal-sheen hemispheres meet in a wasp waist.

Lights up your room. Even when it’s off.

BLÅSVERK table lamp really owns the room. It’s bright. Bold. And brims with personality.

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Video: A BLÅSVERK table lamp shown in three different colours in a studio space moves to a yellow BLÅSVERK table lamp within a home.
A close-up of a yellow BLÅSVERK table lamp that shows the lamp shade’s two parts, which are yellow and white.
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