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Grey drizzle with a chance of colour pops

They say Swedish people are good at handling challenging weather conditions. Their secret? Smart accessories like the KNALLA foldable umbrella, the SKÖRDA accessory bag and the SKYNKE carrier bag. Easy to pack, ready to show off!

A person wearing a yellow shirt is holding a grey-blue SKYNKE carrier bag against a green background.
A red and white foldable KNALLA umbrella is opened and placed on a green surface.
A person holding a KNALLA foldable umbrella with one hand. The dome of the open umbrella hides the face of the person.
A grey-blue SKYNKE carrier bag hanging from a hook on a white SKÅDIS pegboard mounted on a green wall.
A close view of patterned fabric of an open, red and white KNALLA foldable umbrella.