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Think twice before throwing it away

A third of the world’s food supply is lost or wasted every day. In general we’re using—and wasting—more resources than ever before. Starting with some smart changes at home, together, we can find ways to reduce waste, save money, and conserve more resources for the world - getting us all closer to a zero waste future.

Three white SORTERA bins in a white tiled room where one is stuffed with brown paper.
A stack of several food containers of different-sizes, with fruits and vegetables inside.

With the right food storage containers, you can keep food fresh and see what you have to help reduce food waste.

Two white HÅLLBAR recycling bins, with a hand in the foreground tossing in a flattened soda can.

Tidy and simplify your home with separate containers for your plastics, metals and paper recyclable products.

LADDA rechargeable batteries charging in a TJUGO battery charger.

Switching to rechargeable batteries can save money, cut waste and lower your impact on the environment.