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VISBÄCK Poster hanger, bamboo,

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Decorate with pictures you love! Attach VISBÄCK poster hanger to the top and bottom of your poster – or only to the top and use it for two different motifs. Easy to hang on the wall with a single screw.

Article Number004.230.28

Product details

The poster hanger is attached to the top and bottom of your poster and is easily hung with a single screw.

You can choose to only attach the top of your poster – and use the two parts of the poster hanger for different motifs.

The poster hanger can be used with different sizes of posters.


Andreas Fredriksson


Width: 40 cm (15 ¾ ")

Height: 3 cm (1 ¼ ")

Depth: 2 cm (¾ ")

Ratings and reviews

Poster hanger is greatMichaelIngenious poster hanger. Simple and awesome!5
its okAnonymous its ok4
Picture hangerRinaAwesome5
Perfect for hanging our graphicShannonPerfect for hanging our graphic tea towels.5
I have some posters thatTraceeI have some posters that are weird measurements so these are perfect. Also something kinda fun from the regular old frames. Very affordable.5
Wooden poster hangerMargoexcellent tool for hanging posters/pictures. Love it.5
Beauty in simplicityDeenahSimple and easy way to hang pictures. Classy looking. I wish it came in black.5
Perfect poster solutionStephenHave a large linen backed poster 40 by 60 inches and thus device is string enough to hold it up without damage.5
What a great way toLillianWhat a great way to display pictures and posters. I do a seasonal picture change so this is perfect as you are not restricted to one size of print.5
Great!VivianPerfect poster frame.5
OkayMargaretI am not really keen on the colour of the wood and the clips seem to really interfere with the look of the frame and take away from the art. I think it would be better if all black or with lighter clips but this design will also appeal to some. Sturdy, well built, good price.3
cheap quick option for oddly sized postersChristineI couldn't find a frame for an oddly sized poster. This was cheap and did the trick. Bad point is that it sits on the wall awkwardly if you don't use the correct nail/screw (whatever piece of hardware you choose to use). The top wood bar tilts forward. Also because you are basically just attaching two pieces of wood to your poster/picture, it is just hanging on the wall and creates a weird weight distribution. If you open a window and a breeze catches it, it will likely blow it around and damage it. Use it where there is no chance of air movement.3
Gives your poster a greatCarmenGives your poster a great look!!!5
its okAnonymous its ok4
Good productUrsulaEasy to install. Works great for posters.5
Te best hangers I have seen to dateJoanThe perfect hanger. Great for the now popular paint by number pictures.5
Poster hangerDebbieEasy to use.5
Super idea…needs more workMarleneThis is a welcome product for hanging posters etc. However, it is too heavy a presence. I tried to use these in a recent exhibition. They were distracting from the images… too heavy a presence.2
The Crassula is a niceAlastairThe Crassula is a nice plant, and the visbäck is a nice way to present your art.5
Great product.AnitaGreat product.5


What is bamboo?

Bamboo is a grass that can grow up to three feet per day. It spreads quickly and requires hardly no fertilizers and pesticides. Bamboo can be woven into fabrics or used as a durable, stable and hard material suitable for furniture. When used for furniture