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SEKTION Base cabinet frame, white,

Price $ 88.00
Doors, drawers, countertop, shelves, hinges, plinths and cover panels sold separately. Use VARIERA cover caps to cover unused drill holes, sold separately.

25 year limited warranty

How to get it

SEKTION kitchen system gives you the freedom to design your dream kitchen inside and out. Our base cabinets are the base of the kitchen where you store things, cook, hide snacks and hang out with friends.

Article Number302.653.86

Product details

Create the perfect solution for your space by combining this cabinet with other cabinets in the SEKTION kitchen system.

Tailor and personalize your kitchen dreams even further with a wide choice of doors, drawers, countertop, perfect-fit appliances, knobs and handles.

Enhance the use of your space and the workflow with kitchen organizers and lighting.

You can adjust the shelf height thanks the pre-drilled holes inside the cabinet.

25-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.

SEKTION suspension rail makes it easy to align and mount your cabinets to the wall.

The sturdy, 18 mm thick frame construction has a melamine surface that is moisture- and scratch-resistant, and easy to keep clean.

Test and build your dream kitchen using our online IKEA home planner. Do it yourself, or ask any of our Kitchen co-workers at your IKEA store for help.

You can choose to hide the cabinet legs behind plinths for a uniform expression and easier cleaning.


IKEA of Sweden


Depth without suspension rail: 60.0 cm (23 5/8 ")

Depth with suspension rail: 61.0 cm (24 ")

Width: 76.2 cm (30 ")

System, depth: 61.0 cm (24 ")

Depth: 61.0 cm (24 ")

Height: 76.2 cm (30 ")

Frame, thickness: 1.9 cm (3/4 ")

Ratings and reviews

Cottage wine barLeslieGood quality 5
Easy to installDebraOnly issue was it did not come with brackets to support countertop and had to be ordered separately.5
SektionWhitneyEasy to assemble and compatible with many types of doors and replaceable. 5
nice appearance, quite good quality,Dobricanice appearance, quite good quality, not very expensive, generally a good note5
Handy Pantry InsertBrianI had a space which accommodated the Sektion perfectly. With a little from a friend the unit was pieced together and showing its usefulness.5
Easy assemble and installationSylviaEasy assemble and installation5
Dependable cabinetsNicholasThis was in the used section but served our purpose well.5
Easy to assembleMelanieEasy to assemble5
Excellent kitchen start.....can't go wrongCindyExcellent kitchen start.....can't go wrong with IKEA kitchen5
Kitchen CupboardsDeeMy husband and I recently built a house and decided to install an IKEA kitchen. Everything is well-packaged and well-thought-out. I will say that the instructions need some rethinking because we had to rely on YouTube on how to install some of the cupboards, but overall I would purchase them again.5
Kitchen CupboardsDeeMy husband and I recently built a house and decided to install an IKEA kitchen. Everything is well-packaged and well-thought-out. I will say that the instructions need some rethinking because we had to rely on Youtube on how to install some of the cupboards, but overall I would purchase them again.5
Perfect SizeDebbieGreat cabinet, good and sturdy, exactly as described.5
I've purchased, built and installedCraigI've purchased, built and installed several IKEA kitchens. They are a fantastic product. Are they custom? No. But value for money - they're bang on .5
van lifeSandraWe went with this in our van rebuild. Using the Sektion pieces saved hours of labour.5
SektionRobLove the new kitchen. Very impressed with the quality and relative ease to install. We took advantage of the computer program to do our initial layout, then booked a two hour session with ikea consultant ( highly recommend) to go through everything and then a complete parts list is issued. IKEA has a great product.5
Easy to modifyMakotoEasy to modify5
So easy to assemble andMarySo easy to assemble and looks great.5
I love the products andMaryI love the products and it looks fantastic in my kitchen.5
love the product plan toHelenlove the product plan to purchase more in various sizes4
Good baseMELANIEGood base5

A kitchen that took us around the world

Whatever your dream kitchen is, it’s probably different from many other people’s dreams. This we learned when researching kitchen desires around the globe. Our conclusion for the SEKTION kitchen system: it should make it possible to design the best kitchen for you – whatever your preferences and living situation.

Our ambition is to help as many as possible to have a kitchen they'd love to be in. We started sketching. “When we created SEKTION, it was our biggest ever kitchen change, so it's fair to say we were very keen to get it right,” says technician Klas-Ola Nilsson.

Research from around the world

So, what would people’s dream kitchen be like? We surveyed thousands of people, visited hundreds of homes and worked with food industry professionals. “We found if there's one thing in common with kitchens around the world it's that they're different.” Klas-Ola says. “For as many people who dream of an open space kitchen, there are people with a small space, or have to fit a pre-existing room.”

From research to result

One element became blindingly important. “We realized we needed a kitchen system that could adapt to different sized spaces in a way that hadn't been done before,” Klas-Ola says. “So, we developed cabinets that could fit almost anywhere.” Different sizes can be mixed to best fit the room and they'll still fit together – without odd ends. The clever inside can be personalized to support your kitchen needs and activities, too.

Ready for the future

An adaptable kitchen fits better with how you like to cook, both now and in the future. Whether you start craving a more professional kitchen, or just want to start using it for more activities, we would love SEKTION to help out. “There's nothing to say that SEKTION is set and fixed now,” Klas-Ola says. “It's something that's evolving and that we're developing as our ideas on what a kitchen should do changes into the future.”


What is particleboard?

Particleboard is made from recycled wood and sawmill leftovers – so wood pieces with the wrong shade, woodchips and sawdust become a resource instead of possibly being discarded. We use boards for things like bookcases, bed frames, sofas and kitchen frames. To protect from wear and moisture, we apply varnish, veneer or foil that adds to the furniture's look.