FINNALA Sofa, Tallmyra beige
FINNALA Sofa, Tallmyra beige
FINNALA Sofa, Tallmyra beige
FINNALA Sofa, Tallmyra beige
FINNALA Sofa, Tallmyra beige
FINNALA Sofa, Tallmyra beige

FINNALA sectional sofa can grow and change with a home and the family. Choose how many seats, the look and function to create a sofa that suits you. A clean design and long-lasting comfort are included.

Article Number093.190.65

Product details

This comfortable sofa has pocket spring seat cushions with high resilience foam and a top layer of wadding. It provides a nice comfort and support for your body while maintaining the shape of the seat cushions.The sofa's sections can be combined in different ways to get a size and shape that suits you. If you ever need a larger sofa, you can always add a section or two.TALLMYRA is a durable chenille cover made of cotton and polyester and has a soft surface and a slightly reflective luster.The cover is easy to keep clean since it is removable and machine washable.10-year limited warranty. Read about the terms in the limited warranty brochure.Designer

Ehlén Johansson

  • Seat inner cushion
    Smolder resistant lining/ Smolder resistant lining:Polyester wadding
    Seat cushion:High-resilience polyurethane foam (cold foam) 2.2 lb/cu.ft.
    Pocket spring unit:Steel
    Armrest frame
    Smolder resistant lining:Polyester wadding
    Frame:Solid wood, Plywood, Polyurethane foam 2.0 lb/cu.ft., Fiberboard, Particleboard
    Frame for sofa section
    Smolder resistant lining:Polyester wadding
    Frame:Plywood, Polyurethane foam 1.2 lb/cu.ft., Non-woven polypropylene, Polyester wadding, Particleboard, Fiberboard, Solid wood
    Cross rail:Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Back fabric:100 %polyester
    Back inner cushion
    Smolder resistant lining:Polyester wadding
    Back cushion:30% cut polyurethane foam/ 70% polyester fibers
    Cover for armrest
    78 % cotton, 22 %polyester
    Cover for sofa section
    Back fabric:100 %polyester
    Cover, other surfaces:100 % polyester
    Fabric:78 % cotton, 22 %polyester
    FrameArmrest frame/frame for sofa sectionWipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
    Removable coverCover for armrest/cover for sofa sectionMachine wash warm, normal cycle.To be washed separately.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Iron medium temperature, max 300°F/150°C.Dry clean any solvent except trichloroethylene.
    Removable coverSofaIron high.
    LiningArmrest frame/frame for sofa sectionClean with a dust cloth or vacuum lightly using the soft brush attachment.
    CushionSeat inner cushion/back inner cushionDo not wash.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.
  • This product comes as 12 packages.
    STACKMORASeat inner cushionArticle no:704.550.25
    Width: 29 ½ " (75 cm)Height: 8 ¾ " (22 cm)Length: 30 ¾ " (78 cm)Weight: 11 lb 0 oz (5.00 kg)Package(s): 3
    FINNALAArmrest frameArticle no:904.549.92
    Width: 26 ½ " (68 cm)Height: 6 ½ " (17 cm)Length: 38 " (97 cm)Weight: 24 lb 13 oz (11.25 kg)Package(s): 2
    SALEBODABack inner cushionArticle no:604.550.35
    Width: 26 ½ " (67 cm)Height: 2 " (5 cm)Length: 33 ¾ " (86 cm)Weight: 4 lb 15 oz (2.24 kg)Package(s): 3
    DARETORPFrame for sofa sectionArticle no:004.550.19
    Width: 29 ¼ " (74 cm)Height: 12 ¼ " (31 cm)Length: 85 " (216 cm)Weight: 100 lb 7 oz (45.56 kg)Package(s): 1
    FINNALACover for armrestArticle no:504.549.32
    Width: 9 ¼ " (24 cm)Height: 1 ¾ " (5 cm)Length: 14 " (36 cm)Weight: 2 lb 0 oz (0.91 kg)Package(s): 2
    FINNALACover for sofa sectionArticle no:404.549.23
    Width: 14 ¼ " (37 cm)Height: 5 " (13 cm)Length: 22 ¼ " (57 cm)Weight: 11 lb 7 oz (5.18 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

Height including back cushions: 
33 1/2 " (85 cm)
Backrest height: 
28 " (71 cm)
94 7/8 " (241 cm)
38 5/8 " (98 cm)
Height under furniture: 
2 3/8 " (6 cm)
Armrest width: 
5 7/8 " (15 cm)
Armrest height: 
28 " (71 cm)
Seat width: 
83 1/8 " (211 cm)
Seat depth: 
21 5/8 " (55 cm)
Seat height: 
18 7/8 " (48 cm)


A fiddly experienceCatherine_70I purchased this in store with the delivery option to my home. Glad I did because this one isn't really SUV friendly. The base of the sofa when boxed is quite big. This would be more of a cube van or pickup truck thing. The base and arms were pretty easy to put together. There were issues though. The first issue I had was you needed to iron the covers that go on the sofa. I don't own an iron. I used a steamer instead and it seemed to go alright. I bought the black/grey fabric which is soft and nice to the touch and fit the back/seat/armrest portion of the sofa perfectly. The next issue I've got is with the seat cushions. They arrived not vacuum packed as the packaging indicated they should have and while one of them seemed inflated to about the right size, the other two definitely were not so the covers appeared loose and sloppy and they were much harder to sit on than the one that seemed to have inflated the best. I took the unsatisfactory cushions back to the store and they have given me new ones. We are coming up to the 72 hour mark after they were unsealed from their bags and they seem to have inflated better than the first ones. I let them inflate without using them. I'm going to put the covers on them and then give them another week or two to see if they will look like they do in the store. The backing cushions were no problem when it came to inflating but stuffing them in to the covers required the strength of my husband. It was a tight squeeze and they looked super lumpy at first but after a few days passed they now look like the store demo and they haven't even been used yet because we are still giving the seat cushions a chance to fluff up. If the seat cushions don't work out this time I intend to keep exchanging out the seat cushions until they are right and by right I mean what they look like on the store demo. I love the look of the sofa and it is the perfect size so I would really like for this to work out.4
Poor qualityNikunjI recently bought this Finnala sofa online from IKEA. After assembly 2 out of 3 seat cushion did not expand as much as the 3rd cushion. 2 out of 3 seat cushion are so big and loose. Same story with back cushion (not all expanded evenly). Covers for armrest are also too big and loose. Same issue with the Finnala footstool I bought with the sofa. Very poor quality. Have been trying order replacement parts, but no luck yet. I bought this sofa a month ago.1
UncomfortableGmpwjpThis couch comes in a nice array of colours. And is a contemporary look that works well with many decor styles. Unfortunately I found it to be very uncomfortable to sit on. It’s just so stiff and hard. To top it off the fabric feels quite scratchy as well. This couch looks great but majorly misses the mark when it comes to comfort and functionality.2

Sofa, Tallmyra beige

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