DIGNITET Curtain wire, stainless steel, 197 "
DIGNITET Curtain wire, stainless steel, 197 "
DIGNITET Curtain wire, stainless steel, 197 "
DIGNITET Curtain wire, stainless steel, 197 "

Complete set with hardware and curtain wire; ready to mount to wall or ceiling.

Article Number600.752.95

Product details

Complete set with hardware and curtain wire; ready to mount to wall or ceiling.Fixture with adjustable angle for more flexible use.Can be easily cut to the desired length.Suitable for bathrooms as well.Includes: 1 curtain wire and 2 fixtures.For stability you need to use extra support fixtures for curtain wires longer than 55". Up to 110", 1 extra fitting; up to 165", 2 extra fittings, up to 197", 3 extra fittings.Different wall/ceiling materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the wall/ceiling in your home (not included).Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Article Number600.752.95
  • Stainless steel
    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • DIGNITETCurtain wireArticle no600.752.95
    Width: 7 " (18 cm)Height: ¾ " (2 cm)Length: 7 " (18 cm)Weight: 10 oz (0.27 kg)Package(s): 1
  • Assembly instructionsDIGNITET Curtain wire600.752.95

Product size

196 ¾ " (500 cm)
Max. load: 
11 lb (5 kg)

Ratings and reviews

Needs better instructionsMeaghanThe instructions make no sense you really have to just figure it out. It looks and works good. Wire was really hard to cut and didn’t realize to keep the plastic piece in the end for it to go into the wall piece. It’s not taut enough for me but my husband refuses to try cutting the wire again.3
One bolt stripped or poor manufacturing.disappointed99456One of the bolt connections to the wall brackets are stripped. Cannot screw into the wall mount. I will get a second package and return the broken one to see if this is a common problem. Pain to have to drive back to the store though.2
sturdy, curtain rod solution for high traffic areaHobbsEhPurchased this for another area. Have one that I have used for over 11 years and it is still working like new in a high traffic area. I have not found anything comparable to this product anywhere that is a durable and easy to install.5
Great for thinking out of the boxSherri HThese are great to allow you to hang curtains in unusual places. I sectioned off a room with them, but you could even use them to put sheers around a bed. You can shape it any way you want. Just be sure to use the support anchors every 4 feet. Installation was fairly easy, but I had to supply my own screws. I would say it's a 2-person job, but I managed on my own.5
Nice optionKTBearThese have worked nicely. We have installed on 6.5 feet windows with no center support, and they have not sagged. Installation went smoothly.4
Perfect for hanging all kinds of curtains!Colleen WGlad I found this again. I bought one at ikea many years ago & had great success with it!5
skreutzUpon installation/assembly of the product, I found that either the turnbuckle tube part or the threaded ends that screw onto either end of the turnbuckle piece, literally slide in and out of the bar on either end, no matter which side I try to screw the pieces in to. I'm thinking that the threads inside the turnbuckle part, or the threads on the bars that fit on either end are not threaded deep enough/properly, resulting in over 2 hours of frustration - trying to get the wire to tighten, with no luck. It won't tighten, and the threaded ends just slide out as soon as I start to put tension on the wire. I had to resort to even trying to wrap teflon tape around the threads, hoping it might help with any loose threading issues, but no luck. I noticed that I didn't even need to unscrew either end before putting it all together, as they just slid out of either end of the turnbuckle tube. So basically I'm left with an unusable item, as I've already cut the wire to length/opened the package, etc. Unfortunately, as I bought this so long ago, I cannot for the life of me find my receipt for the hardware - and it's over an hour to the closest Ikea location. Tried sending a support email, but it won't let me without a receipt number.3
Good, once installedAnonymous reviewerOnce installed it's a 5-star, but I rated it 3 star due to the challenging installation. Plastic tubing on the end of the wire can get bunched up making it difficult to insert into the hole. Also, if cutting the wire to shorten, if not careful, the coil can start to splay apart a bit. Any bit of splay will make it challenging to insert it into the hole. The plastic tubing didn't help (me). I eventually got it installed by not following the printed instructions, and basically forcing the wire deep into the hole by rotating the wire (making it work in the direction of the minor splay). Now that it's finally installed,...it's great!3
takes time to set up, but works quite well!sradioI like the simplicity of this wire. It takes time to set up, and you have to make sure that you tighten the screws that hold the wire in properly (but don't overtighten!) so that it doesn't sproing free as you do the final tensioning, but it's spanning 10 feet with sheer fabric on it and looks fantastic!5
Expect Saggy Appearance Even w/Extra Support PartFriendly MumBe aware that the wire will develop a slightly saggy, casual appearance, even when installed correctly, and tightened as taut as possible. Also you need a pretty heavy-duty wire cutter designed for a steel wire rope to cut the wire to the desired length.2
We have this system in a home we purchased.. help!Anonymous reviewerA home we purchased had this system in place over a patio door .. three supports post and the wire feed throw the loops of the curtain .. the curtain hangs ON the wire!! I can easily remove the one curtain panel but am stumped as to how to remove the other curtain ,the problem seems to be the centre post and threading the wire through it !! Thank you for any help.1
Very hard to installsarcapI am not very happy with this item. It's very difficult to install. The plastic sheaths on the wire need to stay on and fit inside the holes, but they bunch up and don't go in, making it virtually impossible to keep the wires in when tightening. I am giving it another go, but I may return as it's a headache that has taken too long to set up for what it is worth.1
ShamiamThis beats a curtain rod every day both for appearance and ease of hanging your curtain.4
Anonymous reviewerBought this for my outside deck and it works great5
One package, Fits most!!Galacticexpress999I used several of these for hanging curtains, and love how I can change curtains easily with this system5
Curtain wireHeidi001this works well where you can't put a conventional rod (tight fitting ends). t would be beneficial if you could buy JUST the wall pieces as extra. If you use small amounts of wire you have to buy a whole new pkg just for the wall parts.4
Jean8Works great & easy to install looks awesome as an art display5
Great look, flexible tooLMarI love the look and flexibility of this curtain wire. It worked great a a solution to an awkward front window layout. I will say it is finicky to install, especially if you need to cut the wire, and you cannot hang heavy curtains, but if you're up for the challenge it is worth the effort.3
Good turnout, horrible installation experience.Chris45654Bought to hang curtain in front of my closet to cover mess, looks good now but putting it up was a horror story. The manual says to get a small pair of plyers to cut wire, however, when I finally cut the wire, it was all frayed and could not fit in the hole, so I had to go and spend $20.00 on bolt cutters to get an even cut. Then I had a huge hassle getting the wire tightened which involved it coming loose from the other end and falling multiple times. Finally, I somehow managed to get both ends to stay and got the wire tightened and got the curtains hung. Overall a very frustrating experience, if you plan on buying this, be prepared to put aside a few hours to get this thing hung.2
Great Curtain RodK2eRWe had this in our bathroom ceiling for many years to hang our clothes to dry, the person who bought our condo wanted us to leave it so we had to buy more for our new place!!5

Function solution

Don't get cornered

The hinges on DIGNITET curtain wire fixtures let you angle the wire in different directions. And by adding one or more corner pieces you can easily adapt DIGNITET to your space and needs.


Ready for a shower

All parts in the DIGNITET wire system are made of stainless steel, which means that you can use them outdoors and in the bathroom. You can put a screen around your balcony or bathtub and keep the morning shower or the evening breeze on the right side of the curtain!

Curtain wire, stainless steel197 " (500 cm)

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DIGNITET Curtain wire, stainless steel, 197 "