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Clothes organizers

In the morning, every minute counts. So, you don't have time to waste hunting for your missing left loafer or your favourite scarf. A portable closet or closet storage will make finding your things a breeze. That way, you can devote those extra minutes to sleeping instead – and all thanks to some extra clothes storage. 

Show those shoes who’s boss

Have the family’s shoes taken over your hallway? Why not organise them with a shoe cabinet or two and make your hallway a tidier, calmer place?

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A black LINDBYN mirror is mounted on a wall above a white HEMNES shoe cabinet with 4 compartments in a hallway.
A narrow hallway with a MAJGULL curtain by rows of hooks holding children’s play equipment and clothing above a shoe rack.
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Show those shoes who’s boss

Are the family’s shoes slowly taking over your hallway? Keep your footwear in line with a cabinet designed to store multiple pairs of shoes. In different styles and sizes to easily fit into a narrow space, these smart storage solutions keep your hallway tidy and ensure you stay in control.

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Two white BRUSALI shoe cabinets stand against a wall with flowers and decorations on top. The artwork is on the wall next to them.
Two BISSA shoe cabinets with 3 compartments underneath a PLUTTIS wall clock on the wall. One shoe cabinet is partly open.
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Saving time by staying organized

Jumpstart your day by having everything organized and in place with IKEA’s range of clothing and shoe racks. Check out the KORKIG clothes stand that can be placed next to the front door so that you can grab your coat or hat on your way out. It has colourful hooks and is at a comfortable height so that children can access it too. Your shoes now have a place to call their own.

Our range of shoe racks has open racks and closed cabinets to suit your preferences. The HEMNES open show rack comes with a bench on top so that you can take a seat while putting on your shoes. If you prefer a closed shoe cabinet, you can opt for the BISSA shoe cabinet - it has two compartments that can be adjusted by removing the dividers. And check out the VENNESLA mirror that’s simple yet chic and can be placed in the living room or bedroom. It also has 8 hooks and a clothing rail on the back to hang your coats, hats or scarves. 

For the ones who like open storage options, check out the ALGOT organizer- it’s an effective organizing system as it comes with shelves, baskets and clothing rods to store clothes and shoes in one place.