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AROMATISK collection

A season to celebrate

Experience the magic of the Diwali celebration with the AROMATISK collection. Infused with the spirit of India’s Fall festivities, including the vibrant Diwali festival, this collection adds to the party spirit, wherever you are in the world. Celebrate with bold colours, patterned fabrics, organic materials, vibrant tableware and lots more.

Give old traditions a new light this Diwali

It's time for celebrations, good times, fun, love, peace and simply enjoying every second of life with family and friends. At IKEA, we're adding to the celebrations with a new collection called AROMATISK. Designed to make your home even cozier and your celebrations even better. That's something to celebrate too!

AROMATISK table runner with gold AROMATISK candle stands.
AROMATISK floor cushions sitting next to wooden coffee table
Square wooden table with large food spread, textile folded underneath table
Rangoli design on floor with AROMATISK candles
AROMATISK beige pillow sitting on blue sofa.

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Vibrantly inspired by India

AROMATISK collection finds its inspiration in the vibrant streets of India – from clothing details to henna and markets. Working with talented designers, we seamlessly integrated India’s deep-rooted traditional crafts like edge embroidery, block printing and indigo dyeing into the collection's patterns. 

Since the marigold is part of all the decorations created for the Diwali festival of lights, it was given a leading role along with bold colours and organic shapes. We hope that the collection will inspire and evoke a desire to decorate your home.

Give your home a special glow

Diwali is named as the festival of lights for a reason. The AROMATISK collection gives you several options for adding soft, comforting light to your home including candle and tealight holders.

Light up a dark corner with a lantern that also serves as a home decor accent. Once lit, warm light from the candle shines beautifully through the pattern creating shadows and textures. Candlestick holders bring warmth and light to your celebrations while filling your home with rich scents. Lighting lamps during Diwali symbolize prosperity and growth, making these tealight holders a great choice for those celebrating.

Add colour and extra comfort with textiles

One of the great things about Diwali is socializing – catching up, reminiscing, sharing your hopes and dreams. And it’s easy to make the social areas of your home even more social with colourful AROMATISK cushion covers, cozy throws, and tableware accessories. Because when people are comfortable, the conversation is sure to flow.