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Upgrade your gaming setup

The IKEA gaming range just got even better. Meet the newest player STYRSPEL gaming chair that will keep you cool and comfy even when the heat is on.

    A gaming chair that has it all

    STYRSPEL gaming chair combines all the functions you expect from a high-performance gaming chair with great ergonomics – making it a more comfortable vantage point on your journey to the next win. Also, it looks great wherever you place it.

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    Parts of the back, seat and armrest of a STYRSPEL gaming chair in grey and red against a black and white grid.
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    A young man with headphones on sits in a purple STYRSPEL gaming chair and holds his hands up in the air.
    I wanted to explore how to create a high-performing, modern gaming chair with a more clean expression.

    David WahlDesigner

    Developed in collaboration with experts

    When developing the IKEA gaming range, we’ve learnt from the experts. The first part was created in collaboration with ROG, Republic of Gamers, and we bring all that knowledge with us going forward. And we continue tapping into the needs and wishes of the gaming community. You are the true experts.

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    A part of the red star-shaped base of a STYRSPEL gaming chair placed on a grey podium.
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    For pros, newbies and all the gamers in between

    Stay on top with gamer-friendly furniture and lots of smart and fun gaming accessories.

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    A LÅNESPELARE accessories stand, in the shape of a hand, holding a pair of black headphones.
    A corner of an UPPSPEL glass-door cabinet and pegboard, displaying a grey robot and framed by a LEDBERG LED light strip.
    The front and controller of an UPPSPEL gaming desk against a black and white grid.
    A game controller held in place by an elastic strap that is part of a dark grey 4-piece pegboard accessories set.
    A blue-haired girl in profile, wearing a LÅNESPELARE neck pillow.
    A LÅNESPELARE mug with lid and straw and a LÅNESPELARE mug holder against a black and white grid.
    A LÅNESPELARE ring light with phone holder against a black and white grid.
    A tattooed hand holding a mouse next to a LÅNESPELARE mouse bungee.
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