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Curtains & blinds

A lot to love with new SANDSVINGEL curtains

With these new SANDSVINGEL curtains, you can enjoy their plush, velvet-like texture, the way the fabric falls gracefully to the floor, plus the beautiful effects created when sunlight shines through them into your home.

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A pair of SANDSVINGEL curtains hang in a window of a bedroom near a SLATTUM upholstered bed with SILVERTISTEL bed linen.
Sunlight streams through a window which has a SANDSVINGEL curtain hanging at its side near a white NORDLI chest of 7 drawers.
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Curtains and blinds help you night and day

Whatever you’re doing, you can do it better with curtains and blinds. They can block out light to help you sleep, keep the sun off your TV so you don’t miss anything in your favourite shows, make evenings cosier when you want to relax, and more.

Beige SILVERLÖNN sheer curtains draped onto the floor in front of a window beside a natural colour sofa on a LOHALS jute rug.
A white coat hanger above a window sill that has a BEGÅVNING glass dome and a light on it, framed by SILVERLÖNN curtains.
The head of a bed beside a window with a window treatment consisting of a HOPPVALS cellular blind and HILLEBORG curtains.
A bed stands near a window with a window treatment consisting of BIRTNA block-out curtains and HILJA curtains.
The stem of a plant reaches up into a window with curtains and a grey KADRILJ wireless/battery-operated roller blind.

Control your dark to light

This sleek new electric blind helps you find the right light, whatever your mood or activity. Use the remote, or connect to your smart home system to get even more control over different atmospheres. You can even save your favourites – so you can set the mood quickly from anywhere in the room, even your bed.

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A dark bedroom with a TREDANSEN blind pulled down over a window with light showing all around the edge.
A hand pointing a remote control towards a TREDANSEN blind that is halfway open. A vase is on the windowsill below the blind.
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