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Assembly service

You can assemble your furniture yourself, but you do have other options if that’s not your thing.

The IKEA assembly service gives you full freedom to decide how you spend your time. Sometimes you might enjoy putting your furniture together; other times less so. If so, you can leave it all to our professional installers to deliver and assemble your IKEA shopping. And you can go off and do something more interesting.

The lower arm of someone in a denim shirt using an Allen key to attach a brown table leg.

Book this service when you make your purchase in store (assembly by IKEA) or online or when you’ve already got your shopping home (currently exclusively through Needhelp). A professional installer will get to work so you don’t have to. You can assemble everything yourself if you want, of course, because all IKEA products are designed to be easy to assemble, saving you money.

Options and rates | How our assembly service works  |  Good to knowFrequently asked questions

Assembly: options and rates

The assembly prices are based on the time needed and are only valid for IKEA products. The service rate is based on the products your want us to assemble for you and the price of delivery to the room of your choosing. The installers will attach the articles to the wall at no extra charge in accordance with the product assembly instructions.

Assembly service​

When you shop in store or online you can request the home delivery and assembly of your furniture.​

The minimum price for the assembly service is 100€. This is the minimum amount you will have to pay to use the service. For example, if the assembly fee for an item is 55€, you will still have to pay the minimum amount of 100€.

Example of assembly price:

  • Calculated assembly price for LISABO table and 4 chairs is 59€: you pay the minimum assembly price of 100€.
  • Calculated assembly price for MALM 6-drawer chest is 89€: you pay the minimum assembly price of 100€.
  • Calculated assembly price for PAX corner cabinet is 1.170€: you pay the assembly price of 366,86€.

This service is not available in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and in the following Belgian zip codes 6600-6999.​

When you do your shopping online or after you get your shopping home: assembly service by Needhelp

This formula, proposed for Belgium and Luxembourg, allows you to request an assembly service for IKEA furniture or to perform additional work after your purchases. You buy and take away your furniture and everything happens online on the service provider's platform.

Assembly service

When you shop in store or online you can select the assembly service for all or some of the articles in your order. The day after delivery, or on another day that suits you better, a properly trained person will come to your home to assemble the articles in question.​

  1. When you add the articles to your shopping cart you can select those you want us to assemble for you.​
  2. The price of assembly will be added to the price automatically for each article. You can see this and make any changes you wish.​
  3. After confirming your order you can select a date for delivery to the room of your choosing and a date for assembly.​
  4. A two-person team will deliver your order, setting aside the articles you want us to assemble in the room you have chosen.​
  5. A two-person team will then come to assemble these articles on the day you have selected.​ 
  6. Would you like to have your furniture assembled in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or zip codes 6600-6999? Assembly with Needhelp is available to you.​

How Needhelp's assembly service works

For assembly and other services IKEA works with Needhelp, an online platform that brings together competent installers and people who need their services. All bookings on the Needhelp platform and all the work you contract are subject to the Needhelp general terms and conditions and privacy policy.

  1. Purchase your IKEA items online or in-store. Take them home with you or have them delivered.
  2. Go to
  3. Select IKEA assembly and choose the options, date and time that suit you. Next-day assembly is usually available.
  4. You will be introduced to a qualified installer with verified references who has passed the mandatory background check. You can chat directly with the installer online to confirm everything.
  5. The installer will come to your home or office to provide the service at the agreed time. You only pay after the work has been completed.
  6. The Needhelp assembly service is available online. You can also call Needhelp customer service on +32 28 080 359 (9:00-19:00, seven days a week).

Good to know 

  • Your furniture will be delivered by truck. You should always ensure parking space of at least 15m in length (the equivalent of 3 cars) in front of your house.  If your order is delivered with an external elevator, please provide at least 25 m (the equivalent of 5 cars). If necessary, do not forget to request a parking ban from your local government or local police. 
  • Prepare the space where the furniture will be assembled in advance. The space must be accessible and immediately available for the assembly of furniture.
  • Take care to ascertain that all doors, hallways, stairs and lifts in your home or building are wide enough to accommodate all packages. Check the “Package details” on the individual product pages.
  • If you expect a delivery to a room of your choice, make the passage to the room as clear as possible.
  • In the event of delivery by truck, you should give us as much information as you can, such as the parking situation, any accessibility issues and any access and weight restrictions with regard to a delivery to an upper floor.
  • Electrics and plumbing are not covered by the assembly service. IKEA can also help install bathrooms and kitchens, although those are separate services. Scroll down to find out more.
  • Leave the products you want to have assembled in their original boxes. Place the boxes in the space where you want the furniture to be placed.
  • When so requested our recognised service providers will take the packaging with them and ensure it is disposed of in an eco-friendly way. 

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