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Kitchen planning service

With IKEA kitchen planning service, we’re ready to help make your dream a reality. We know it’s not always simple and there’s a lot to consider. Whether you want us do it all for you or just check the plan you made, we’re here.

Planning options

I would like a project and a basic quote

Would you like to receive a first plan with an estimate?It's simple: you fill out the online form to give us some information about your new kitchen. Based on this first project, you can arrange an appointment with one of our specialists, online or in store. Together, you can then design your 100% personalized kitchen.

I want to finalize and/or order

You already have a kitchen project but you want to improve it? Or are you totally satisfied with it and want to place an order? During an appointment, we make your project a reality together to allow you to benefit from the best result and the most advantageous price.

Our agents can support you in French or Dutch.

How IKEA kitchen planning service works

Before a kitchen planning meeting


During and after a kitchen planning meeting

  • Bring your kitchen measurements, specifications, dream/frustration lists and favourite inspirational ideas to your planning meeting.
  • Let our co-worker take the lead. Together, we’ll tackle everything from finding a door/cabinet front you like to designing a layout that meets your needs and hopes. You’ll get a 3D design, a parts list, a kitchen quote and estimates for additional services that can make life even easier (like delivery and installation).

Use the IKEA kitchen planner to design on your own

Approach IKEA kitchen planning like making a new recipe. Getting an overview first is extremely useful, so you don’t skip a step or miss an ingredient. Learn more below about our tools and resources to help along the way. And remember, you can always book a free project check.

DIY planning with our free tools

Design your new kitchen from the comfort of your home with our online IKEA kitchen planner or drop into a store to use the same kitchen planner and see products in person.

Need a little help designing your new kitchen?

You don't buy a kitchen every day. This is why we offer you the opportunity to create together the kitchen of your dreams in an efficient and affordable way.

Do you have a question? Enter a term in the search bar to get the answer.

How to measure your kitchen