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Outdoor products

Outdoor furniture for small spaces

Garden furniture like the NÄMMARÖ and SEGERÖN series offer a wide range of seating and modular sofas, so there’s something for all outdoor spaces – small or large.

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A sunlit outdoor spot with an INGABRITTA throw and other textiles on a light-brown-stained NÄMMARÖ bench by a red-brick wall.
A vibrant throw on a SEGERÖN chair beside a LÅGASKÄR coffee table on a gravel patio dotted with flowers and leafy plants.
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Let’s go out for dinner

When the weather’s fair and summer warmth is in the air – there’s no better place for dining than outside. Find the outdoor furniture to match those moments here.

NÄMMARÖ series – Slatted-acacia elegance, easily combined to perfectly match your outdoor space
SEGERÖN series – Slimline rope-and-metal modules that let you create stylish ensembles for every outdoor gathering
GRILLSKÄR series – Modules to shape a tailored cooking nook, from individual units to a full-scale outdoor kitchen

Hide an ugly wall (or your neighbours)

Outdoor privacy screens help you cover unsightly walls or cables and create some personal space. So you can give relaxation or entertaining your undivided attention.

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A SEGERÖN chair and a beige LÅGASKÄR coffee table in front of a LUNGÖN privacy screen with flowers and a plant next to it.
A terrace with NÄMMARÖ privacy screens shading a light-brown-stained NÄMMARÖ bench with GULLBERGSÖ cushion covers on it.
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