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Laundry & cleaning

It’s almost a shame to use it for laundry

The new LJUNGAN laundry bag is braided in jute by skilled craftspeople from Classical Handmade Products in Bangladesh – a social business that creates jobs from women in rural areas. It will help elevate the décor in any laundry area and the handles and removable inner bag, make laundry time a breeze. Almost.

Several LJUNGAN jute laundry bags, some of them with laundry in them, neatly placed in a line against a pink wall.
The section of a LJUNGAN jute laundry bag where a braided handle is attached and the cotton lining is folded over the rim.

New foldable hanger for small space drying

Lots of laundry and limited space? The SLIBB foldable hanging dryer with 24 pegs is perfect for drying socks, underwear, and small washcloths. By not using the dryer, you’ll lower your energy bills and reduce the wear and tear of your clothes.

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Pink and brown socks hang from a SLIBB hanging dryer with 24 pegs in a laundry room with washing machine and white tiles.
A pink SLIBB flexible laundry basket in plastic is placed on a white shelf in a white laundry room with white tiles.
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A tidy truth about cleaning

Have you noticed how much easier it is to begin cleaning your home when your cleaning accessories are well organised? That they’re stylishly colour coordinated doesn’t hurt, either.

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A PEPPRIG dustpan and brush in grey hanging from a wooden oak rack along with other objects on a tiled wall.
PEPPRIG microfiber cloths, a PEPPRIG spray bottle and the parts of a PEPPRIG cleaning set spread out on a stone-tiled floor.
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