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Kitchen & appliances

Low-price products all year round

Find the perfect kitchen for you

Whether you’re looking for a complete kitchen system that you can personalise any way you want, or a simpler, yet fully functional kitchen, that you can install in a day, we have a solution to suit your needs, style preference and wallet size.

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A kitchen with FORSBACKA fronts in oak veneer and a glass-door cabinet on a light tiled floor with some multicolour rugs.
A kitchen with TISTORP fronts with a brown walnut effect, a dark wood floor and some posters on the wall next to a window.
An anthracite/grey corner kitchen with a window on the back wall, a striped rug, and black containers with fresh herbs.
A kitchen featuring AXSTAD fronts in matt white against a white tiles wall. The dark sink, handles and mixer tap create contrast.
A pot is on the stove in a modern white KNOXHULT kitchen. A BEKVÄM trolley and KYRRE stools are placed at either side.
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Sick of finding furry veggies in the fridge?

Say goodbye to fridge chaos with the new KLIPPKAKTUS fridge organisers. No matter the size or function, they effortlessly fit into any fridge, helping you keep track of food freshness with stackable lids and convenient handle clips for labeling.

Transparent KLIPPKAKTUS storage boxes, containing vegetables, cans, and avocados, neatly arranged on glass shelves.
Video: A video of a KLIPPKAKTUS storage turntable with three different sized bottles of condiments and a large bottle of water.

Kitchenettes that are small on space but big on functionality

Living in a tight space but still want a kitchen to be proud of? Our ready-made kitchenettes are not only compact and sturdy, but they're also designed to get the most out of your cooking ambitions. Easy to install, easy to enjoy.

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A SUNNERSTA kitchen in a dark blue room, with a window, and white table, a hanging pendant lamp and light grey bins.
A kitchen with an ÄSPINGE kitchenette with a TENHULT step stool in bamboo, a NISSAFORS trolley in black and a kitchen table.
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Upgrade your kitchen experience

Make your kitchen the heart of your home. Dive into the world of culinary convenience with IKEA, as we offer the design, functionality and atmosphere for every home-cooked meal.

Buy a freshly designed kitchen - your best investment?

The kitchen's role as a social hub underscores its importance in modern living. A well-designed kitchen optimises space, streamlines workflow, and enhances daily efficiency. Creating a culinary space that is in line with your preferences when it comes to colours, materials and general look and feel is probably one of the best investments you will ever make. So why not commit to a space that enriches your daily life and boosts the overall appeal and value of your home?

Why invest in quality kitchen appliances?

Functional kitchen appliances are the unsung heroes of culinary mastery. They streamline your cooking process, saving you time and effort. Imagine effortlessly creating tasty delights with appliances that seamlessly blend functionality and style. Our range ensures that your kitchen not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

How to maintain your kitchen appliances for longevity?

Extend the lifespan of your kitchen companions with a few simple tips. Regular cleaning and proper usage go a long way in ensuring your appliances stand the test of time. Read the user manuals for specific care instructions tailored to each appliance, ensuring they stay in peak condition for years to come.