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Kitchen Design Ideas & Inspiration

Get one step closer to making your dream kitchen a reality. Explore our kitchen design inspiration and ideas by style, colour, shape or size. Here is where you'll find inspiration for your next kitchen renovation or upgrade project. 

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Kitchen styles to meet your needs, budget, and taste

From modern kitchen styles to country vibes, to shaker kitchen designs, there are numerous kitchen ideas to choose from and it can sometimes look like an overwhelming decision to select a kitchen theme that's right for your space. Additionally, renovating a kitchen often requires a decent sum of money and involves a lot of disruption, so it needs to stand the test of time.

The most important consideration when choosing a style for your kitchen is to decide whether you are going to stay for a long term or renovate to sell. This will determine your budget and may affect your cabinet, flooring, colour, finish, and appliances choices too.

There are endless options to transform the kitchen according to your style, needs, and wants and at times it becomes quite difficult to choose between an abundance of choices. To assist you in making the right decision, have a look at the most popular IKEA kitchen styles and themes and get a steer in the right direction.

Evergreen kitchen colours 

Colour is one of the most crucial considerations when designing your dream kitchen, influencing every imaginable aspect of design, from flooring to cabinets, and benchtops. 

Only a handful of kitchen styles and colour schemes survive the constantly changing trends. Don’t be caught up with the latest and hottest kitchen trends that will soon fade out and will make your home look dated, or worse, tacky. 

When planning your home construction or your next kitchen renovation, pick a colour scheme that will fit your personality and home style. Longevity is a priority for a new kitchen so ensure your chosen kitchen color ideas are styles that you will love to live with for many years.

A classic color tends to stand the test of time, so whites, greens, and greys are always a good choice if you worry about your kitchen dating. 

Kitchen layouts for your living and cooking style

Kitchen layouts come in many shapes and orientations, but the configurations of cabinetry, appliances, and seating often fall into a few specific categories.

There are four basic kitchen layouts:

  • L-Shape,
  • U-Shape,
  • One-Wall or Straight line, and
  • Galley

The size and shape of the room will typically determine your layout. Although variations and deviations do exist, most kitchen layouts are based on one of these shapes.

It is crucial that the design of the kitchen, whether big or small; in a studio-size city apartment or an extravagant house; ultimately supports your living and cooking style in the best, most functional way possible.

Check out our kitchen layout ideas above to learn about some of the most popular types of kitchen floor plans.