UTRUSTA Push opener, electrical
UTRUSTA Push opener, electrical

The electrical push opener is especially helpful when your hands are full and you need quick access to your waste bin. A slight push – that’s all you need for your doors and drawers to open and close.

Article Number502.387.02

Product details

You can open the waste sorting bin with the push of a finger – or use your hip, knee or foot if your hands are busy.Makes your waste sorting drawer open and close silently and effortlessly.You can open the waste sorting bin manually as needed, such as during a power failure.You can easily deactivate the motor when you want to clean the drawer front.The sensitive collision detection feature assures safety by interrupting opening if an obstruction is detected.Standby power consumption is very minimal (only 3,5 kWh per year).5 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.Simple to install; all you need is MAXIMERA deep fully-extending drawer 45 cm and a power outlet.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Article Number502.387.02

Product size

97 mm
220 mm
100 mm


Best invention yet!AlidaSadly I now go around kicking other draws but they don’t open.. will need to buy more!5
Friends of ours had theHenkFriends of ours had the equivalent product manufactured by a name brand cabinet hardware company, with a slightly better build quality, installed. It cost them for a 5 times the cost to have an automatic garbage pull out drawer installed as what it cost me to install the UTRUSTA. It was a bit fiddly, but if you follow the instructions and take your time, the end results is fantastic. I scored major brownie points, my wife loves it!5

Function solution

Always easy to open

With the electric UTRUSTA push opener you can open your waste sorting drawer with the light touch of a finger. Or with your hip, knee or foot if your hands are full with vegetable peelings to be sorted.

Push opener, electrical

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UTRUSTA Push opener, electrical