BRIMNES Bed frame w storage and headboard, white, 180x200 cm
BRIMNES Bed frame w storage and headboard, white, 180x200 cm
BRIMNES Bed frame w storage and headboard, white, 180x200 cm
BRIMNES Bed frame w storage and headboard, white, 180x200 cm
BRIMNES Bed frame w storage and headboard, white, 180x200 cm
BRIMNES Bed frame w storage and headboard, white, 180x200 cm

A bed frame with hidden storage in several places – perfect if you live in a small space. The BRIMNES series has several smart solutions that help you save space.

Article Number091.981.67

Product details

Everything is kept close at hand with integrated storage in the headboard.Ample storage space is hidden neatly under the bed in 4 large drawers. Perfect for storing quilts, pillows and bed linen.Hide cables for lamps and chargers by feeding them through the holes on the top of the headboard.You can sit up comfortably in bed thanks to the high headboard; just prop some pillows behind your back and you will have a comfortable place to read or watch TV.This versatile bed frame will look great with your choice of textiles and bedroom furniture.Adjustable bed sides allow you to use mattresses of different thicknesses.SKORVA midbeam is included in the price but packaged separately. It is required for the stability of the bed frame and to keep mattresses in place.Slatted bed base, mattress and bedlinen are sold separately.Designer

IKEA of Sweden/K Hagberg/M Hagberg

Article Number091.981.67
  • Bed frame with storage
    Basematerial/ Partition/ Drawer front:Particleboard, Paper foil, Plastic edging
    Bedside/ Bottom rail:Particleboard, Paper foil
    Drawer bottom:Fibreboard, Printed and embossed acrylic paint
    Bed end filling:Fibreboard, Paper foil
    Headboard with storage compartment
    Frame:Fibreboard, Paper foil
    Frame/ Fixed shelf/ Adjustable shelf/ Partition/ Back/ Top panel/ Side panel:Particleboard, Paper foil, Plastic edging
    Galvanized steel
    Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Bed frame with storageAt least 80% (weight) of this product is made of wood, a renewable material.
    Headboard with storage compartmentAt least 50% (weight) of this product is made from wood, a renewable material.
  • This product comes as 5 packages.
    BRIMNESBed frame with storageArticle no803.543.56This product has multiple packages.
    Width: 57 cmHeight: 6 cmLength: 207 cmWeight: 38.75 kgPackage(s): 1
    Width: 48 cmHeight: 7 cmLength: 192 cmWeight: 33.62 kgPackage(s): 1
    Width: 57 cmHeight: 7 cmLength: 107 cmWeight: 25.82 kgPackage(s): 1
    BRIMNESHeadboard with storage compartmentArticle no402.287.13
    Width: 57 cmHeight: 7 cmLength: 209 cmWeight: 42.17 kgPackage(s): 1
    SKORVAMidbeamArticle no701.705.03
    Width: 7 cmHeight: 6 cmLength: 139 cmWeight: 3.54 kgPackage(s): 1

Product size

234 cm
186 cm
111 cm
Mattress length: 
200 cm
Mattress width: 
180 cm


Happy with everythingDaveHappy with everything5
Double bedNavWish instructions would have written steps as well. Box with parts for inside of the drawers were labeled as Black colour, but the wood was grey. Wish There was a note to tell , this is how it should be would have saved me a trip back to store trying to exchange for correct colour.3
This double bed is fantastic,JodyThis double bed is fantastic, we liked the storage drawers underneath the bed and the shelf storage at the side of the bed. It was a great buy and a good price. Thank.you5
Bed frameRogerGreat bed and love to sleep on it5
Brimnes double bedLenTake your time to assemble the bed it is worth the effort5
Heaps of storageJacquiExcellent bed with 4 large draws under and also storgae behind with bedhead. Look great! Time consuming to put together - took more than 1/2 a day.5
Great product. Very heavy. VeryMELISSAGreat product. Very heavy. Very hard to build on your own because of the length. Also It squeaks a little lol.5
Love this bed, so muchStephLove this bed, so much storage and easy to put together5
BRIMNES QUEEN BED WITH STORAGE UNDERThereseWe bought White Queen bed with Bedhead, and 4 drawer storage under, solves storage issues.5
My daughter loves itJennyMy daughter loves it5
Love this bed!TamaraBetter then expected, I purchased the premium option for the slats & there is no movement & no noise5
Ok but assembly pieces notMarkOk but assembly pieces not clearly identified4
Very happy with this bedStephanieVery happy with this bed5
Awkward StorageKhatnissWe got this bed about a year ago, and although I was hoping I’d eventually get used to it, I’m still not overly happy with it. It fits our queen mattress well, and gives even mattress support, but all of the storage (the reason we bought it because our house has zero cupboards) has issues. The bottoms of the drawers in the base have all fallen through and had to be repaired - and we’re only keeping towels and sheets in them, nothing overly heavy. The headboard storage seems like a good idea, but it’s actually really annoying to reach into when you’re in bed. And if you still want to have a standard size bedside table - you can’t open the first drawer properly anymore. Also the headboard HAS to be placed against a flat wall as it only has a support on one side and isn’t attached to the bed base. This seemed fine until we decided we wanted the bed under our window - which isn’t possible as it would just fall into the window space. Cool idea, but overall just awkward in practice.3
Mattress sizing not normalHoneyBeeeWe bought this NEVER being told that the king had a specific sizing. We got home and our mattress didn’t fit! We have blamed the mattress this whole time till now....we are now looking for a new mattress and low and behold, no mattress fits this base. Obviously u are locked into buying a ikea mattress! So annoyed I was NEVER TOLD THIS INFO. So now we have a base that fits no mattress......but ikeas mattress. So annoyed1
Awful qualitymilly97I bought this bed about a year and a half ago and by the time we had slept in it for a few months, the metal sides supporting the slats had ripped out leaving no threadding left to re screw them in. This has made the slats slip off every time we get in the bed making it incredibly uncomfortable and frustrating. I am very small and my partner is an average sized man. The slats have also all come off the fabric holding them together and the middle of the bed has always sagged and feels very unsupported. And yes, we built it correctly.1
Great storage, sturdy enough, good qualitySezzaDI bought this not long ago and set it up yesterday. It can be a challenge to set up, make sure you have enough room. It feels solid and good enough for me. I push the bed frame up against the head board and cube storage, both against the wall, not screwed in and its fine. doesnt move or squeak at all. The draws slide smoothly, and the storage is heaps practical, as is the holes at the top for electrical chords. Nothing negative to say really. Can fit heaps in the frame. It was a bit weird having the empty floor part at the back of the bed but once you put some stuff there it's fine. For example, I put my yoga mat and guitar amp there and it doesn't look as odd.5
Going strong 4 years onjasrachelleVery sturdy, great storage solution5
Didn"t lastSaoirseLI bought this bed a couple of years ago. I bought the Kingsize one and I am the only one who sleeps in it and I'm pretty small. After about 12 months the squeaking and noise the bed makes is actually loud enough to wake up my kids in another room. I have done a lot of research about how to fix this and, basically, it can't be fixed. I only keep linen in the drawers - one drawer per each family member so not much - and the bottoms fell out really quickly, I've tried to repair them several times. The handles are lethal, scratched up the bottoms of my legs until I started giving the bed a very wide berth every time I walked past it, which is stupid. Then, I took off the mattress once and removed all of the drawers to move the bed, and the whole side of it ripped off. It actually never occurred to me to leave a review but I should have. It's a beautiful-looking bed but absolutely not worth the price and now I'm stuck with it, because the problems all started more than 365 days after I bought it.3
Squeaky nightmarePen islandI bought the Brimnes bed off Ikea. After 6 months the bed made an incredible amount of noise. I tried tightening the ikea screws to no avail, then Installed brackets which I screwed in with wood screws. When I'd have enough, I bought a new bed from amazon and called Ikea to maybe recoup my money. They agreed to refund the amount until I told them that I had used brackets and wood screws as a last resort. At that point they refused to refund any money. I've spent thousands of dollars at Ikea over the years and believe that it is unreasonable for them to not take responsibility for their defective product, regardless of my modifications. I modified it because it was squeaky not the other way around. I will never spend another cent at your store. Finally, I couldn't in good conscience sell the bed so I put it out for hard rubbish which is where most Ikea furniture eventually ends up.1

Bed frame w storage and headboard, white180x200 cm

Slatted bed base, mattress and bedlinen are sold separately.
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BRIMNES Bed frame w storage and headboard, white, 180x200 cm