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Outdoor lounge chairs

We have many outdoor tables and chairs, so you can easily customise your garden, balcony, or deck furniture combination to perfection. Discover our wide range of different styles and materials like solid acacia, sturdy plastic, and rattan and match it up with your outdoor cushion favourites.

Bring some zen into your day by greeting nature every morning. With some comfortable deck furniture, you’ll expand your indoors living area and be able to comfortably spend countless of hours outside. You’ll find a wide selection of deck furniture at IKEA, with many different styles, materials and colours to choose from. 

How to choose the right deck chairs and deck tables 

When looking for chairs and tables for your deck, we recommend choosing the chairs first. Once you have decided how to sit, picking a table becomes a whole lot easier. 

Deck chairs for an outdoor lounge 

To begin choosing deck chairs for your outdoor lounge, you first need to consider what kind of environment you’re creating on your deck. Is it going to be used as a lounge area? If so, you want to go for the cosy armchair variants, and maybe match them up with an outdoor coffee table model.  

Deck chairs for outdoor dining 

Maybe you’re a big fan of summer barbeques and want to use deck for dinner parties? If so, you should go with a sturdier deck table with chairs that are more fit to dine on. Choose deck chairs like kitchen chairs, so you can sit comfortably at a kitchen-style deck table.  

Deck furniture design tips 

The next step when choosing your deck furniture is to choose your material. First, you want to consider the style of your outdoor area, and then, what level of protection the furniture will need. 

For example, rattan deck furniture will give you a classic garden lounge hangout look - a modern twist on a jungle style. Wood furniture is sturdy and gives a strong feeling of quality. It’s perfect when you want to recreate a beach or hotel deck design. But it will look great in almost any outdoor space décor.  

Regardless which material you’ll choose, dare to be different. Try to have at least one colourful item to make your design pop. If you go for modest style furniture, try adding some colour with a colourful blanket or some stylish outdoor cushions. Just one spark of colour can bring so much personality to your home.  

Protecting your deck furniture 

Wood and rattan are great choices if you have a roof over your patio. Or, if you’re fine with carrying your furniture inside when not using them. This because rattan, and some wood furniture, can easily soak up moisture and sustain damage from harsh weather. You should also remember to re-stain wooden deck furniture once or twice a year to keep it looking great. 

If you don’t have a roof on your patio then plastic rattan material is great for you, since the plastic faux rattan is not as sensitive to moisture. All the deck furniture, however, should either be stored inside or be protected by a waterproof cover if you need to store them outside. This will make the deck furniture last longer.