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The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.

How to “hygge”: take time out to enjoy the little things

Everyone is talking about “hygge” – the Danish word for taking time out and making simple things feel special – but how does hygge happen? We show you how easy it is to have your own hygge moments at home.
Watch the world go by
Make time for creativity
Express your creativity
Take a step back from the pressures of everyday life and let your creative side out to play. Set aside paint, paper and an hour to yourself – and remember that the end result doesn’t matter!
Invite friends round for coffee and cake
Share good food with good friends
Friends and food are some of life’s simplest pleasures, so combining the two is an easy way to get the hygge feeling. Invite friends round for coffee and cake away from the distractions of a café, so you can really enjoy each other’s company.
Choose a cozy corner at home
Choose a “me time” spot
Meditation isn’t for everyone, but we can all enjoy a little quiet time to ourselves now and then. Choose one cozy corner as a “me time” place that you can retreat to whenever you need to take time out and relax.
Learn a new skill and make something yourself
Make something with your hands
Crafts are a great way to slow down and focus your attention. Teaching yourself a new skill feels rewarding, and you’ll get a little dose of the hygge feeling every time you use your handmade creation.
Give yourself a coffee break
Take a break for coffee
Treat your daily dose of tea or coffee as a reason to take a break, rather than a caffeine hit on the go. Master the art of the Swedish coffee break (fika) – take a moment to sit and sip your mid-morning pick-me-up.
Make movie night feel like a treat
Make simple things special
Hygge is all about letting your senses savor everyday moments. If watching a film is your Friday-night ritual, make movie night feel like a treat rather than routine, with your favorite snacks, soothing candles, and cushions to curl up on.
Set up a pamper station
Set up a pamper station
Make getting ready a more luxurious process by keeping all your pampering essentials in one place. Put your favorite accessories on show and hang a mirror at just the right height for adding the finishing touches.
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