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Free standing kitchen units

The flexible way to furnish your kitchen

Why should the other rooms in your home have all the furnishing fun? Our free standing kitchen units are purchased individually, so you can arrange and rearrange them as your space and kitchen needs change, and even when you move homes. Adjustable legs ensure they’ll act like they were designed for your kitchen, wherever you place them.

FLYTTA kitchen trolley, stainless steel Length: 98 cm Height: 86 cm Width: 57 cm
kitchen trolley
¥ 21,990
Length: 98 cm, Height: 86 cm, Width: 57 cm
FÖRHÖJA kitchen trolley, birch Length: 100 cm Height: 90 cm Width: 43 cm
kitchen trolley
¥ 14,990
Length: 100 cm, Height: 90 cm, Width: 43 cm
UDDEN console, stainless steel, silver-colour Depth: 64 cm Height: 90 cm Width: 126 cm
¥ 15,990
Depth: 64 cm, Height: 90 cm, Width: 126 cm More options
UDDEN wall shelf, black Depth: 17 cm Height: 60 cm Width: 60 cm
wall shelf
¥ 2,999
Depth: 17 cm, Height: 60 cm, Width: 60 cm
UDDEN wire shelf, silver-colour Depth: 48 cm Height: 63 cm Width: 60 cm
wire shelf
¥ 1,999
Depth: 48 cm, Height: 63 cm, Width: 60 cm
VÄRDE base cabinet, white, birch/birch veneer Depth: 60 cm Height: 87 cm Width: 133 cm
base cabinet
¥ 49,990
Depth: 60 cm, Height: 87 cm, Width: 133 cm
VÄRDE shelving unit, birch Depth: 37 cm Height: 90 cm Width: 146 cm
shelving unit
¥ 29,990
Depth: 37 cm, Height: 90 cm, Width: 146 cm
VÄRDE worktop, birch Length: 146 cm Depth: 65 cm Thickness: 2.7 cm
¥ 10,000
Length: 146 cm, Depth: 65 cm, Thickness: 2.7 cm
VÄRDE worktop, birch Length: 146 cm Depth: 100 cm Thickness: 2.7 cm
¥ 20,000
Length: 146 cm, Depth: 100 cm, Thickness: 2.7 cm


  • Free standing kitchen units to inspire you

    Unleash your inner designer with free standing kitchen units. You can create a bespoke kitchen from our versatile range of wall and base cabinets, shelving units and worktops. And it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got shoebox or showroom dimensions to play with. You can choose from different styles, materials and types, including cabinets designed to hold appliances. You can combine our free standing kitchen units to create the kitchen that suits you. A kitchen where you can happily whip up sausage and mash for the kids or something flashier (and probably less tasty) for that dinner party you’ve been promising.

  • Mix and match your free standing kitchen units

    With free standing kitchen units, it’s simple to get a fitted kitchen feel with units you can easily remove, replace or extend. You don’t even have to choose between fitted or free standing kitchen units – why not blend the two? It’s a great way to increase practicality and give your kitchen a new lease of life without breaking the bank. And once you’ve decided on the essentials, don’t forget the details – we cover cabinet lighting to cutlery and most things in between. You’ll find them all on the website along with information about our services just in case you need help to make your dream kitchen a reality.