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Healthy living

A bicycle with front rack, rear rack with bags and a trailer filled with boxes, grocery bags and a green plant.

Making a healthy life an easy choice

What does being healthy mean to you? For us, it’s about making smart everyday choices that are good for both your body and the environment. It’s about taking the bike instead of the car in your daily commute and activities. It’s about a day at your desk that’s actually good for your body and energy levels. It’s about the joy of seeing the seeds you planted grow into a mini-garden. We’ve taken a closer look at how to give you products that make being healthy an easy choice - because, in the end, even the small changes make a big difference.

Image: Exhaust fumes, be gone! Riding the SLADDA chainless bicycle emits no pollution, and raises your fitness levels as soon as you hop on.
A white bicycle standing next to a wall with pictures on it.

Join the movement!

Part of leading a healthy lifestyle is about getting your body moving. Leave the car behind and choose SLADDA bicycle when going to work, grocery shopping or just taking a pleasant countryside ride. It’s a great non-polluting alternative to driving, keeping both your body and the environment happier.

See SLADDA bicycle

Take a stand (or just sit)

Two desks that can be adjusted in height so that you can both sit and stand. Shown together with black screens attached to the desks, for privacy.
A white desk that can be adjusted in height so that you can both sit and stand. Shown together with a black standing support.

No more long days just sitting and working. We’ve rethought what makes for a healthier way to be your productive best. With our BEKANT and SKARSTA work desks you can find your comfort zone by adjusting to different heights for either sitting or standing. Alternating between these positions is proven to help you both work and feel better.

See BEKANT work desk
See SKARSTA work desk

A miniature greenhouse filled with green plants.

A mini-garden at home

Help the colour bloom inside your home with the simple SOCKER series - a clever, functional and decorative series for creating your own green spots at home. Whether for flowers, herbs or vegetables, the series includes a beautiful greenhouse, plant stands, a watering can and much more - letting you add greenery and maybe something good to eat.

See SOCKER greenhouse