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Wood – a material with many qualities

We love working with wood not only because it’s part of our Scandinavian design heritage, but because it’s an excellent material from a design, quality and environmental perspective – as long as it’s responsibly sourced. Wood is durable, renewable, recyclable – and beautiful.

A wood-topped dining table with a striking grain pattern upon which is a pile of dinner plates, some candlesticks and a vase.

    More sustainable wood

    Because wood is so important to IKEA, we work together with the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) to take care of the world’s forests through responsible forest management – making sure we have forests for all, forever.

    We decided many years ago to work with the highest available standards in the industry for improving responsible forest management around the world. Today, our wood is either FSC-certified or from recycled sources.*

      Combining wood types

      Oak is a hardwood that darkens beautifully with age. MÖRBYLÅNGA table top has a three-millimetre top layer of solid oak applied on particleboard – a resource-efficient way of using different wood materials in the same piece of furniture. This high-quality finish is durable and makes every table unique.

      A MÖRBYLÅNGA dining table on a red Persian rug. On the table are a stack of plates, a black napkin and a knife and fork.

      Acacia - beautiful, durable and sustainable

      See how IKEA and its partners cooperate with smallholder farmers to ensure that the Acacia we use is responsibly grown and harvested.

        The back side of an ÄPPLARÖ outdoor armchair standing on a floor clad in shiny, black rectangular tiles.

        Durable, rot-resistant and responsibly sourced

        Our acacia wood comes from FSC-certified plantations. Together with our suppliers and partners like WWF, we ensure that it is grown in a responsible way.

        A large pile of sawn logs of various thicknesses viewed from their ends. The pile is outdoors under a grey cloudy sky.

        Responsible wood sourcing

        After meeting the goal to use wood from sustainable sources, IKEA took the next big step towards 2030 announcing a new Forest Positive Agenda.

        Learn how IKEA is being forest positive

        We love wood - and so do you

        A lot of our most popular products are made of wood: BILLY bookcases, KALLAX shelving units, PAX wardrobes and METOD kitchens. We love wood and we’re always looking for smarter more sustainable ways to use it.

        Two KALLAX shelving units fitted with KALLAX inserts with doors. Four books are on one shelf and three on top of the unit.
        A PAX wardrobe in white stained oak with one door ajar. Inside the wardrobe are several shelves of clothes.
        A BILLY bookcase in black/brown. On one of the shelves is a green glass vase.
        An open MAXIMERA drawer in a METOD kitchen. The drawer is fitted with a dark brown front and stainless steel handle.
        BILLY bookcases in black-brown fitted with OXBERG doors in black-brown. The shelves contain books, boxes and magazine files.

        Did you know

        • IKEA sources wood from over 50 different countries
        • Last year the top 5 countries IKEA suppliers sourced wood-based materials were Poland, Belarus, Russia, Sweden and China (during FY21)
        • Wood is one of the main materials in IKEA products. It is renewable, durable, recyclable – and beautiful
        • At IKEA, we will continue the work to make responsible forest management the norm, enhance biodiversity and support the rights and needs of people who depend on forests for their livelihood
        Mikhail Tarasov, Global Forestry Manager, IKEA crouching down touching the bark of a tree with his right hand.
        We want responsible forest management to be the norm. We are using our global reach to drive positive change particularly in regions facing challenges.

        Mikhail TarasovGlobal Forestry Manager, IKEA

        Using wood wisely

        Making more from less is part of the IKEA culture, and we always use resources efficiently. Regarding wood, every piece is cut and shaped so that waste is minimised in production while maintaining quality and durability. We constantly look for new and smarter ways to design and build our furniture to make sure our customers get the best possible product with the least impact on our planet.

          Managing forests responsibly – working together with WWF

          We also work with WWF, and other partners, to combat illegal logging, improve forest management practices, enhance biodiversity and support credible forest certification. Beginning with five projects in seven countries in 2002, today, we collaborate in thirteen countries on a variety of forest projects that benefit people and nature.

          Forest Positive Agenda 2030

          As pressure on the world’s forests is increasing, more remains to be done. To learn about our Forest Positive Agenda for 2030 – where we will work together with others to enhance biodiversity, support the livelihoods of people who depend on the forest and mitigate climate change.

          Learn more on the IKEA global brand site

          *We constantly work together with our suppliers to ensure that our wood comes from more sustainable sources (FSC®-certified or recycled). There will sometimes be a small percentage on its way towards more sustainable sources due to supply disruptions or when we partner with new suppliers meaning we cannot guarantee 100% fulfilment at every given point in time. We consider a goal to be fully reached when we achieve more than 98% fulfilment overall.