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IKEA home solar panels and battery storage

Powering everyday life

We know that you care about the world you live in, and so do we. That's why IKEA is bringing the world's most sustainable energy source "the sun" to your home, at a price you can afford.

Why invest in solar panels?

Installing solar panels enables you to save up to 50%* on your electricity bills, at the same time as generating clean energy for your home.

3 reasons to go solar with IKEA

  • It's simple

    We’ve made it simple

  • Save money

    You save money

  • It's sustainable

    We know about renewable energy


Solar energy the IKEA way

Reason #1

We've made it simple for you
At IKEA, we believe in simplicity. Go solar in 4 easy steps:

1. Free quotation         2. Home survey
3. Approve quotation    4. Installation

Done! Your home solar system is installed with no hassle.

Find out more or Get a Solarcentury quote now!


Cut down your electricity bill

Reason #2

You save money
A solar system can cut your electricity bill by up to 50%*. As well as reducing the amount of electricity you use, the government's Feed-in Tariff (FIT) will give you tax free income for the electricity you generate and also the electricity you export to the national grid.

By teaming up with Solarcentury, we can offer two quality solar panel options which represent best value or best efficiency. Not only that, our attractive black panel option is our most energy efficient.

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We know all about renewable energy


Energise your home with renewable energy

Reason #3

Green & clean energy

To help tackle climate change, we want our operations to become energy independent. One of our goals is to produce as much renewable energy as we consume by 2020. We have already installed over 700,000 solar panels on our stores and buildings and we feel it’s a natural step to give our customers the opportunity to do the same.

Install home solar and you will save tons of carbon emissions over the life of your system. For example, installing a typical home solar system is the equivalent of having 55** trees in your back garden.

Find out more

* A SW or SE facing roof at typical pitch in central UK, giving with 860kWh/kWp yield (source: MCS, Solarcentury analysis).  45% of the solar energy produced used in the property, typical for the UK (source: DECC).  Property has an Energy Performance Certificate rating A-D.  Investment based on Solarcentury's 3.1kWp monocrystalline system.  Feed-in Tariff rates as at April 2017.  Savings of 16.0p per unit of electricity, at 5% annual inflation (source: DECC Quarterly Energy Prices, 10 year average).  Profit after cost of installation and includes £20 per annum maintenance costs (index linked).  Return being tax-free, with the average annual return (IRR) taken over 20 years.  Payback being the time taken to recover the initial outlay to the nearest year.  Estimated savings and income in the first year at £357. Average electricity bill: £584 (Source: DECC).

** A single tree can absorb 22kg of CO2 per annum (source: Kg of CO2/kWh is 0.487 (source: 2013 Government GHG Conversion Factors: for electricity consumed in a building). Based on a typical system of 3.1kWp with average yield, the average kg saving per year is 1,168kg.

Who do we partner with?

We’ve teamed up with Solarcentury, the leader in home solar installations in the UK to offer the best value in home solar on the market. We’ve selected a range of products to suit your roof and your pocket.

A six year warranty covers the quality of the installation and the performance of the system. Read more about our products and guarantees.

As one of the world's largest and longest-established solar companies, Solarcentury has already helped over 25,000 UK homeowners to go solar. 

Get a Solarcentury quote now

IKEA guarantee

We are confident in the quality of our offer so much so that we are offering the following guarantees

  • 25 year guarantee

    Solar panel

  • 10 year guarantee


  • 6 year guarantee


  • 6 year guarantee