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The secret ingredient

Some people have a knack for cooking. The rest of us need a little help. With clever tools that make it easier to do two (or five) things at once. Durable tools that make it more fun to master a new recipe – even if it takes a few tries. And ways to store and save food so that we can be a little less wasteful.

Listen up, parents!
I’ve got 5 rules for how
you should be cooking
with us kids in the kitchen!
Cooking with parents
Prepare your pantry for your party
A fabric strip tied into a bow around a glass jar with airtight seal.
Charming and sweet
Make your homemade treats even sweeter – simply tie a strip of fabric around the jar. It's a great way to use up your fabric scraps and it'll give gifts from your kitchen a little extra charm.
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A non-stick frying pan
Cook like a pro
Non-stick pans make cooking tricky or stickyfood easy. That means you need just a drop of oil to make the perfect omlette and you'll only end up with scrambled eggs when you mean to. Grab a non-stick pan and try the recipe below.
Chanterelle Mushroom Omlette Recipe PDF
Make food preparation a together time
Two girls peeling and cutting vegetables in the kitchen. SMÅBIT Knife and peeler £5 SMÅBIT Knife and peeler £5 SMÅBIT Knife and peeler £5
A chopping board with a small knife and a peeler.
Cooking and food preparation is much more enjoyable when you do it together. SMÅBIT knife and peeler are real utensils adapted to kids’ hands.
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SMÅBIT Knife and peeler £5
Celebrating rosy, homely times
A set of three tins with lid, one with red dots, one with floral pattern and one with small grey squares.
For a homely feeling, let the new INBJUDANDE series add a romantic rose pattern to the kitchen.
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INBJUDANDE Tin with lid, set of 3 £4.50 INBJUDANDE Tin with lid, set of 3 £4.50 INBJUDANDE Tin with lid, set of 3 £4.50
Everyday basics forever
A man wearing a black apron with a beige border.
From knives to kitchen textiles, VARDAGEN series is made from long-lasting materials and designed in a style that never goes out of fashion.
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