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For making cakes (and memories)

Delicious smells, a warm kitchen and homemade bread or chocolate cake to look forward to. Baking is creative fun that kids and grown-ups love to share. And with the right tools like our wide choice of moulds and dishwasher-safe bowls, you’re all set to mix, bake, decorate and eat!

VARDAGEN baking tin, silver-colour Length: 38 cm Width: 26 cm Volume: 2.0 l
baking tin
Length: 38 cm, Width: 26 cm, Volume: 2.0 l
Small stoneware pie dishes on a cooling rack.
For piping hot puddings
Treat friends and family to a piping hot dessert with the classic white VARDAGEN pie dish, made from durable stoneware.
BULLAR loaf tin, brown Length: 26 cm Width: 12 cm Height: 7 cm
loaf tin
Length: 26 cm, Width: 12 cm, Height: 7 cm
DRÖMMAR baking cup, blue/lilac lilac Diameter: 4 cm Height: 4 cm Package quantity: 65 pack
baking cup
/65 pack
Diameter: 4 cm, Height: 4 cm, Package quantity: 65 pack
DRÖMMAR baking cup, blue/lilac lilac Diameter: 7 cm Height: 2.5 cm Package quantity: 60 pack
baking cup
/60 pack
Diameter: 7 cm, Height: 2.5 cm, Package quantity: 60 pack
VARDAGEN baking tin, silver-colour Volume: 0.5 l Package quantity: 2 pack
baking tin
/2 pack
Volume: 0.5 l, Package quantity: 2 pack
Sugar and spice make all things nice
Apples on a chopping board being prepared for cooking VARDAGEN Pie dish $8.95 VARDAGEN Baking tin $7.95 ARV BRÖLLOP Serving stand with lid $19.95 SMÅBIT Knife and peeler $7.95
ORDNING scales, stainless steel Diameter: 17 cm Height: 4 cm Max. load: 3 kg
Diameter: 17 cm, Height: 4 cm, Max. load: 3 kg
ORDNING timer, stainless steel Diameter: 6 cm Height: 6 cm
Diameter: 6 cm, Height: 6 cm