SYLT HJORTRON Cloudberry jam, organic, 15 oz
SYLT HJORTRON Cloudberry jam, organic, 15 oz
SYLT HJORTRON Cloudberry jam, organic, 15 oz
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Serve the cloudberry jam with waffles and whipped cream, pancakes and ice cream or with a dessert cheese to add some sweetness.Cloudberries are famous for their nice taste, beautiful golden color and they often grow in inaccessible terrain in northern Sweden. A rare delicacy that is sometimes called the gold of the forest.Organic food production aims at sustaining farming practices that are better for people and the planet.
  • SYLT HJORTRONCloudberry jamArticle Number:903.086.27
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Tastes sooo goodPlovesikeaOn bread, on bakes, with peanut butter or on biscuits.5
Nordic gold!BigSwedeTry served warm on vanilla ice cream. Also fantastic served with Brie and Camembert cheese. Make a tart, use a filling in cookies. These delicious berries can only found in the north and need the midnight sun to ripen. It's a treat.5
Loved it !Olha34Taste so good, especially with cheese, will buy it again,5
Will stick with Lingonberry insteadJskmmomWe always have an extra jar of lingonberry on the shelf, but decided to try the cloudberry. Not a fan! Defiantly won’t buy again. The taste was ok but the seeds were so big and hard. Ended up straining them out so didn’t waste the jam completely.3
Delicious!Mormor310I’ve bought this before. I know it’s a staple for some in Sweden and I’ve always wanted to try it. It’s delicious and less expensive than some gift shops charge. I also don’t need to wait to go to Sweden to get some.5
So good!Bclhd2I have read about Scandinavian cloudberries and always wondered what they tasted like as they are not readily available in the US, so the jam was a great introduction. Delicious! Sort of raspberry-like but with its own unique flavor. I will definitely buy it again. It’s a little expensive compared to ordinary jam but worth the splurge.5
Not tastyJerri 37I thought it would be as great as the lingonberry jam that I love but was disappointed1
Yummy TreatCHP50I was delighted to find cloudberry jam at ikea. I understand the harvest is limited and as such it is a delicacy.5
Cloudberry jamLoves ScandinaviaWe were unable to get cloudberry jam in Finland because it was out of season. This is very good jam, tasty5
TastyLinnea WVery nice jam but there are a lot of seeds.4
Cloudyberry jamGypsynetsyThis is a lovely tasting, sweet, but slightly tart jam. It does have seeds that are larger than raspberry seeds, which I am ok with, but many won't like that fact. Would be great add a pastry or dessert filler or topper.4
Good for memory laneIPU73I wait and look.forward to be in the shelves and disappointed when told it is seasonal5
Great surprise ...DaveInChicagoI had never heard of cloudberries as a fruit, but saw this product on the shelf adjacent to the ligonberry jam I was looking for. It was a good bit more expensive than ligonberry, but after looking it up on my phone, I decided to give it a try. It's delicious.5
Great preserve!NickDubnaVery good and tasty delicious product5
An awful lot of seedsGmalalaDelicious flavor. I'd buy it again.4
DeliciousCathy8309I bought this jam because I had tried the other flavors and was really impressed. The Cloudberry Jam was delicious except for the seeds. You will really like unless you are on a seed restricted diet.4
Gary1234We love it on hot biscuits and coffee in the morning! Like being in heaven!5
It taste just like my moms home made Cloudberry JmRonnie13Got it about 3 weeks ago with other foods from Ikea and it really taste great!5
A lot of seedsKay6Decent taste but a lot of very crunchy seeds. So, it depends more on what you like as texture more than taste!3
This Cloudberry Jam is a wow!RobrainPerfect jam with cloudberries (new to this CA native). I used it with chicken, salmon and on Wasa crackers. A nice tart and sweet together taste that is less sweet than strawberry jams and not like anything I've had before. OK Ikea, I am hooked. I read about cloudberries online and learned more about Sweden. Education and Jam? Yes, how sweet is that!5

Function solution

The gold of the forest

Cloudberries are a rare delicacy sometimes called forest gold. This is since the berries usually grow in inaccessible terrain in northern Sweden, picking them requires a lot of work and they have a color that shifts between gold and golden amber. Swedes like eating cloudberry jam with waffles and whipped cream or pancakes and ice cream, and to add sweetness to make a tasty dessert cheese even tastier. Maybe it will be extra tasty knowing that our SYLT HJORTRON is organic.

Cloudberry jam, organic15 oz

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SYLT HJORTRON Cloudberry jam, organic, 15 oz


$7.99/ 0.937 lb