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Climate-conscious meat lover? The plant ball, made with pea protein, oats, potatoes, onion and apple, has the taste and juicy bite of the meatball – and the climate footprint is just 4% of the original.

Article Number204.835.92

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The plant ball has the taste, texture and juicy bite of a meatball – but it’s made with pea protein, oats, potatoes, onion and apple.

With a climate footprint that’s just 4% of the meatball’s, this plant ball is a more sustainable choice. The perfect alternative for anyone who wants to make a difference – without losing out the meaty experience.

Includes no animal ingredients, therefore it's a good choice for vegetarians and vegans.

The plant balls go perfectly with classic meatball friends like mashed potatoes, cream sauce, peas and lingonberry jam (but you can also try them with something completely new and different, of course.)

Easily prepared from frozen in minutes. In the oven, in the microwave or on the stove.

Easily portioned. Prepare the amount needed, leave the rest in the freezer.

Just as tasty warm as they are cold, e.g. cut in half as a sandwich topping.


    Net weight: 1 lb 2 oz

    • HUVUDROLLArticle Number204.835.92

      Width: 7 ¾ "

      Height: 1 ½ "

      Length: 9 "

      Weight: 1 lb 2 oz

      Package(s): 1

    LOVE these meatballs!GIOThese are my favorite veggie meat balls! They have the best flavor and good with any side dish!5
    A fantastic additionPaulaThe only thing I dont like of these is the t I have to go all the way to IKEA to get them!!! I would b uy them every week5
    ExcellentLarryExcellent vegan food.5
    Fantastic but pricyJAVIERI love these place balls, even more than the normal meatballs. But they are expensive. The package almost half the size of the regular meatballs. But they are delicious.5
    Great snack!AliciaFirst time trying these out and liked the fact that it was plant based. Fixed a few in the air fryer and they were perfect. I also used some of the dill/lemon sauce from there as well on them as a dip and it was even better. Not too filling.5
    Plant basedLondaHad these in your cafeteria and liked them so much we bought them to have at home5
    Delicious!ChenikaCame to a store cafe for a visit while shopping nearby, got the meatballs. As usual, just like I remembered them. Brought a bag to bring home and cook. They were amazing. Cooked so easy and quick in the air fryer. Sauce wasn’t available but I ate them plain and they were still good!5
    Fair productHENRYkids love these5
    I always have a bagMarilynI always have a bag in my freezer5
    It taste okayZORAYAIt taste okay3
    PlantballsDonnaBest tasting plant balls, truly5
    Tasty enough for non-vegansAmyWe’ve migrated from ikea meatballs to this veggie based alternative. Very tasty!5
    Very tasty!GEORGEVery tasty!5
    These meatballs are really good.TaikhiaThese meatballs are really good. I’m not a big fan of meatballs but these are way better than I expected.5
    Plant basedRobI had tasted during the midsummer festivities, & liked. So bought some & just recently had with linguine & red pasta sauce- delicious! My son even liked them & was pleasantly surprised that was plant based.5
    Worth a try!CarolDelicious! Great to have on hand in the freezer for a quick dinner after a busy day!5
    So yummy and healthy!STACII love to put these in the air fryer. They are great on top of a salad!5

    SustainabilityPeople and planet

    Sustainable life at home

    Just as tasty – 4% of the climate footprint

    The HUVUDROLL plant ball is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to make a more sustainable choice without losing out on the meaty experience. It has a climate footprint that’s just 4% of the meatball’s, still it looks and tastes like meat. Considering that IKEA sell lots and lots of meatballs a year, converting even just some of them into plant balls has the power to make a change. Have a bite!

    Energy and resources

    Heavenly flavors from the soil

    We would like to inspire more people to eat more plant-based food. Why? Since it generally requires less water, less arable land, and less energy to produce – and is therefore a more sustainable alternative. So that you can easily make sustainable choices in everyday life and reduce your climate footprint, our restaurant, bistro and Swedish food market all offer various plant-based alternatives. And one more thing – this food from the soil is also tastes heavenly!

    HUVUDROLL Plant balls, frozen, 1 lb 2 oz

    A plant ball for meat lovers (and for everyone else)

    For the first time since the launch in 1985, the much-loved IKEA meatball faces serious competition. The new plant ball is made with pea protein, oats, potatoes, apples and onion, but has the look, taste and juicy bite of a meatball. And not only that; the climate footprint is a mere 4% of its meaty counterpart.

    When product developer Sabrina Anania-Stepanian first got the assignment, the mission was straight forward – and mega challenging. She was to develop the icon product of the future: a plant-based ball that tastes and feels like a meatball. The first prototype needed to be ready in just six months.

    New flavors in a classic shape

    Sustainability was also a reason to create new options. “With the veggie ball we wanted to offer something as appreciated as the classic meatball, but plant-based and with less environmental impact,” explains David. Next came the salmon and cod ball. It contains pieces of salmon that are too small to be used as whole fillets. “And since it’s very tasty meat, we thought, why not make delicious fish balls of it instead?” says David.

    Recreating the meatball without meat

    The newest edition to the family is the plant ball. It’s made with pea protein, potatoes, apple, oats, and onion, but has the great taste and juicy bite of a meatball – making it perfect for everyone who wants to cut down on meat without losing out on the experience. With a climate footprint that is just 4% of the meatball’s, the plant ball has the power to make a difference. “A lot has happened since 1985. Now, there are edible IKEA icons for more of the many people. No matter if you’re flexitarian, vegan, meat lover, have dietary needs, or cultural preferences.”

    Based on pea protein

    Sabrina and her team threw themselves into an intense exploration phase, visiting suppliers across the world. “The first step was to look into alternative protein sources. We quickly decided that we didn’t want to go for soy since there are environmental downsides to the cultivation. Eventually, we decided on pea protein.”

    The perfect meaty taste and texture

    There’s a science to extracting protein from vegetables. So, Sabrina and her co-workers finished their research and partnered up with experts in the field. Next came the more hands-on development. “We first looked at getting the texture just right, then at achieving the right taste. We had several development sessions and tastings before we were happy”, says Sabrina.

    4% of the meatball’s climate footprint

    It’s fair to say that the plant ball is about old meeting new; traditional Scandinavian raw ingredients like potatoes, onion, apple and oats meet modern protein extraction methods. With a climate footprint that’s just 4% of the meatball’s, the plant ball is a great alternative for everyone who wants to cut down on meat without losing out on the experience. “I hope everyone will love it, even the sceptics, simply because it’s so delicious."

    Function solution

    Try a super savory, Scandi-inspired plant ball

    Can pea protein, oats, potatoes, onion and apple feel and taste like meat? Yes! The HUVUDROLL plant ball is based on these five traditional, Scandinavian ingredients – beefed up by natural flavoring and balanced by mushroom, tomato, lemon, black pepper and more. Still, it’s got the look, taste and juicy texture of a meatball. Plant balls go perfectly with classic meatball friends, or why not try them in a curry, or served with kimchi or grains. Have a bite!