HUVUDROLL Vegetable balls, frozen, 2 lb 3 oz
HUVUDROLL Vegetable balls, frozen, 2 lb 3 oz
HUVUDROLL Vegetable balls, frozen, 2 lb 3 oz
HUVUDROLL Vegetable balls, frozen, 2 lb 3 oz
HUVUDROLL Vegetable balls, frozen, 2 lb 3 oz

These vegetable balls taste like and only contain vegetables, with visible pieces of chickpeas, carrots, peppers, corn and kale. No animal ingredients – a good choice if you are vegetarian or vegan.

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Taste like and contain only vegetables – with large, visible pieces of chickpeas, carrots, peppers, corn and kale that give the balls fine colors. A tasty alternative to classic meatballs.The vegetable balls can replace meatballs in all of your and your family's favorite dishes, and are great to have in things like wraps, salads or with roasted vegetables.Includes no animal ingredients, therefore it's a good choice for vegetarians and vegans.By eating more plant based foods you reduce your climate footprint.Easily prepared from frozen in minutes. In the oven, in the microwave or on the stove.Easily portioned. Prepare the amount needed, leave the rest in the freezer.Just as tasty warm as they are cold, e.g. cut in half as a sandwich topping.Prepare from frozen.Oven: Preheat the oven to 350°F. Place the balls in an ovenproof dish in the center of the oven. Heat for approx. 20 minutes.Frying pan: Fry them in a little oil on low to medium heat for approx. 10 minutes. Stir every other minute.Microwave (700W): Place in a bowl without a lid. Heat for 2 minutes for every 5 balls. Stir halfway through.Keep frozen at –4°F or below. Do not refreeze once defrosted.
  • HUVUDROLLVegetable ballsArticle Number:704.878.56
    Width: 11 "Height: 3 "Length: 11 "Weight: 2 lb 4 ozPackage(s): 1

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2 lb 3 oz


Easy to prepare and deliciousAnniaEasy to prepare and delicious5
huvudrollDebraI liked having bits of potato and peas in the veggie meatballs, but this new version seems to have a more fine texture.3
Healthy vegetarian optionLindaHealthy vegetarian option5
Vegan "meatballs"AnaDelicious and filling5
Tasty balls!MICHAELExcellent quality. Makes me happy and fills me up!5
Not comparable to meatballs butMicheleNot comparable to meatballs but love them as veggie balls!5
The texture of these rollsTERESAThe texture of these rolls is very odd.2
My favorite veggiesIrinaI am vegetarian and these are my first choice of "meat balls". Very fast and easy to prepare.5
Very goodAYMANVery good5
Soo goodKimberlyI’m allergic to pork. Most meatballs are made with a blend of beef and pork, so I have been out of luck in having meatballs unless I make myself. Every plant based meatball I have tasted were anywhere from tasteless to completely disgusting so Again, out of luck. On my second time ever at IKEA I stopped to get a snack and seen meatballs. Made a comment about missing them and the man there said , “here, try our plant based” and gave me one to try. Oh my, I have to say I’ve never tasted anything “faux” that tasted soo good and so much like the real thing. I was a bit scared thinking he had accidentally given me the other meatballs with beef and pork! Needless to say I ordered a bowl of them and then went back to buy a bag. I was expecting them to be expensive. A regular bag of meatball at the grocer is $12 and the “faux” nasty balls are even more. When I saw they were less than $7 I was even more impressed. I love IKEA and so sorry it took me so long to go experience the store and cafe! Thank you ikea for giving me back a much loved food.5
YummyJAKEI enjoyed them5
TasteMARIA M.Excellent5
Vegetable ballsDAVIDThey were very tasty!4
Tasted HorribleBethTasted Horrible1
We go to ikea forsriramWe go to ikea for many reasons.. but for this time.. we went to ikea to only buy the veggie balls.. they are so easy to prepare and delicious too.5
Excellent!!KristinGreat alternative to the traditional meatballs for those who can’t eat all of the ingredients. Great flavor and easy to prepare.5
Yummy and HealthyKarenGreat product. Very tasty5
Healthy, tastie, veggieSteveBest vegetarian alt to meat balls. And best for vegetarians 'cause they don't taste like meat.5
Our family of vegan &SONIAOur family of vegan & gluten free individuals love these veggie meat(less) balls!5
A delicious veggie product everyone should tryJOSIEThese have always been my favorite! They are just perfect! I use them as my meatless addition to my vegan pasta and sauce! So so good! Happy to buy a few bags every time we shop here.5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Energy and resources

Heavenly flavors from the soil

We would like to inspire more people to eat more plant-based food. Why? Since it generally requires less water, less arable land, and less energy to produce – and is therefore a more sustainable alternative. So that you can easily make sustainable choices in everyday life and reduce your climate footprint, our restaurant, bistro and Swedish food market all offer various plant-based alternatives. And one more thing – this food from the soil is also tastes heavenly!

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Balls filled with vegetables

HUVUDROLL vegetable balls – the name says it all. They taste like and only contain vegetables – with large, visible pieces of chickpeas, green peas, carrots, peppers, corn and kale that give them nice colors. Since they contain no animal ingredients, they are a great choice for vegetarians and vegans – or if you just want to reduce your carbon footprint by eating more plant-based food. A green and tasty alternative to our iconic meatballs!

Vegetable balls, frozen2 lb 3 oz

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$6.99/ 2.205 lb
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HUVUDROLL Vegetable balls, frozen, 2 lb 3 oz


$6.99/ 2.205 lb