PAX Wardrobe, white/Bergsbo white, 59x23 5/8x93 1/8 "
PAX Wardrobe, white/Bergsbo white, 59x23 5/8x93 1/8 "
PAX Wardrobe, white/Bergsbo white, 59x23 5/8x93 1/8 "
PAX Wardrobe, white/Bergsbo white, 59x23 5/8x93 1/8 "

Keep it simple. Here's a basic solution to get you started, and space for more interiors if you want to upgrade.


Product details

10-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.You can easily adapt this ready-made PAX/KOMPLEMENT combination to suit your needs and taste using the PAX planning tool.Adjustable feet make it possible to compensate for any irregularities in the floor.Hinges with integrated dampers catch the door and close it slowly, silently and softlyWith the PAX Planner, you can easily complete your combination with integrated lighting. After choosing the light source, the planner will work out which accessories you need to complete the solution.The mesh basket allows air to circulate and is perfect for storing your folded clothes, socks or accessories.Do you know it's easy as pie to move around the inside organizers after taste, or change them later on? With small changes you can alter the storage solution to fit your clothes, instead of the other way around.This furniture must be secured to the wall with the enclosed wall anchoring device.Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.Two people are needed to assemble this furniture.Minimum ceiling height required: 96 ½ " . Follow the assembly instructions in the package.Interior accessories that help you organize inside your wardrobe are sold separately.Knobs and handles are sold separately.Hinges are needed for this product. They are included in the price but are picked up separately.The clothes rail holds about 40 shirts on hangers.Designer

Ehlén Johansson/IKEA of Sweden/K Hagberg/M Hagberg

  • Wardrobe frame
    Particleboard, Fiberboard, ABS plastic, Polypropylene, Foil
    Door frame:Fiberboard, Plastic edging, Paper foil
    Door panel:Fiberboard, Paper foil
    Soft closing hinge
    Main parts:Steel, Nickel plated, Copper-plated
    Plastic parts:Acetal plastic
    Clothes rail
    Steel, Anti-corrosive phosphate coating, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Divider for frame
    Particle- and fiberboard with honeycomb paper filling (100% recycled paper), Foil
    Mesh basket
    Steel, Anti-corrosive phosphate coating, Pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Pull-out rail for baskets
    Main parts:Steel, Pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Wheel:Acetal plastic
    Particleboard, Paper foil
    WardrobeWipe clean with a mild soapy solution.
    Wardrobe frame/door/soft closing hinge/clothes rail/divider for frame/mesh basket/pull-out rail for baskets/shelfWipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Wardrobe frameAt least 50% (weight) of this product is made from renewable materials.
    Soft closing hingeProduct possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
  • This product comes as 26 packages.
    KOMPLEMENTMesh basketArticle Number:102.573.06
    Width: 17 ¼ "Height: 6 ¼ "Length: 21 ¼ "Weight: 2 lb 12 ozPackage(s): 4
    BERGSBODoorArticle Number:301.604.07
    Width: 20 "Height: 1 "Length: 94 "Weight: 23 lb 11 ozPackage(s): 3
    KOMPLEMENTSoft closing hingeArticle Number:302.145.04
    Width: 9 ¾ "Height: 1 ¼ "Length: 10 ½ "Weight: 14 ozPackage(s): 3
    KOMPLEMENTClothes railArticle Number:302.568.91
    Width: 2 ¼ "Height: 1 ¾ "Length: 40 ¼ "Weight: 1 lb 7 ozPackage(s): 1
    KOMPLEMENTPull-out rail for basketsArticle Number:302.632.45
    Width: 3 ¼ "Height: 1 ½ "Length: 26 ¾ "Weight: 15 ozPackage(s): 4
    KOMPLEMENTShelfArticle Number:302.779.59
    Width: 18 ¾ "Height: ¾ "Length: 23 ¼ "Weight: 7 lb 6 ozPackage(s): 7
    PAXWardrobe frameArticle Number:502.145.60
    Width: 24 ¼ "Height: 3 ¼ "Length: 96 ½ "Weight: 114 lb 2 ozPackage(s): 1
    KOMPLEMENTDivider for frameArticle Number:602.463.96
    Width: 23 "Height: 3 "Length: 32 ¾ "Weight: 28 lb 5 ozPackage(s): 1
    KOMPLEMENTShelfArticle Number:702.779.57
    Width: 23 ¼ "Height: ¾ "Length: 38 ¾ "Weight: 16 lb 2 ozPackage(s): 1
    PAXWardrobe frameArticle Number:802.145.68
    Width: 24 "Height: 2 ½ "Length: 96 ¼ "Weight: 94 lb 0 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

59 "
23 5/8 "
93 1/8 "


ConfusedMsmonahanWhat is the difference between this one that is the same size at the Tydessal white??? That only is over 1K and this is $400 less. I don’t get it3
Pax - not worth the moneyShaun TThey were fine initially, however the only thing holding them together is the cardboard back insert. If these backers tear or separate the cabinets become completely unstable. IKEA does not offer replacement backers online or in the store. Mine are listing to the sides without the reinforcement of that backer. Very disappointing.1
So much storage capacity with this unit!sunflower226This unit has so many possibilities--craft room, sewing storage, garage, etc. The unit I bought came with the Flisberg doors (beige), which looks so classy and timeless. Although the doors are colored, the colors are neutral and should not clash with any decor scheme. I took off one star because the doors do not come with pre-drilled holes for a knob/handle, and these doors definitely need a knob or handle because they are really flush to the frame. The mesh wire baskets are fantastic and can hold so much. With a 22.5 depth, pull out baskets and shelves makes it easier to access the items at the back. You can configure the interior with pull out baskets, pull out shelves, screwed in shelves, so it can fit whatever needs you have. Highly recommend.4

Wardrobe, white/Bergsbo white59x23 5/8x93 1/8 "

Interior accessories that help you organize inside your wardrobe are sold separately. Knobs and handles are sold separately.
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PAX Wardrobe, white/Bergsbo white, 59x23 5/8x93 1/8 "