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Hinged wardrobes

Explore our hinged wardrobes. Simple and practical hinged doors, our range comes in many sizes and styles to choose from for your space. With a choice of materials like solid wood, you’ll find smart features like mirror doors (and more) to make storing and trying on clothes easier.

Perhaps you’re on the lookout for a brand-new wardrobe solution. Or maybe you’re just considering replacing a worn door or two? Either way, wardrobes with hinged doors are a great choice. Since they open outwards, you can get a clear view of all of your clothes. You also get extra hanging space as you can install hooks on the inside of the doors. A great place for those smaller items like belts or ties. 

Wardrobes with hinged doors can be fitted to suit any taste and style. And you can achieve an entirely different look simply by testing different doors and door handles. We have a wide variety of different finishes, shapes, and sizes, so you’re sure to find a combination that matches your exact needs. 

A hinged door wardrobe has many great features

There are many benefits to having hinged doors on your wardrobe. The first is that you get a de-cluttered, uniform impression which makes the room feel a lot calmer. It’s also a cleaner solution, compared to having an open wardrobe. Thanks to the covering doors, your clothes will be protected from dust and dirt.

If you don’t have enough wall space for a mirror in your bedroom, choose a hinged mirrored wardrobe door. Poof! Now you have a full storage solution for clothes and accessories and the proper tool to see your outfit come together. For an even better wardrobe: get yourself some proper clothes organizers for easy access and top-notch retrievability.

Hinged wardrobe doors can also become a significant interior detail as they come in many different styles. Choose a design on the doors that either goes hand in hand with your current interior, or one that stands out as a statement piece.

A hinged wardrobe is truly flexible

Since most of our hinged wardrobes are modular, you can always get one that will fit where you need it. We have plenty of ready-made solutions to make sure you can get one just right for your space.  

But say you want to furnish a really awkward corner of your home, such as a space under a staircase or with a sloping ceiling? If so, you can design your own solution! Just pick a series you like in the product list above and find it in our furniture planner. Feel free to get creative, maybe by adding a pattern of wardrobes modules around your bed for maximum storage? That could be a really neat detail, adding to the look of your entire room.