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Hallway wardrobes

Narrow hallways can be a pain, with shoes and other clutter all over the place. Our hallway wardrobes and storage cabinets make use of every square inch, to give you a place for everything. The wardrobes have narrow depth and sliding doors, offering space to store your shoes, hats, coats, umbrellas and keys and get your hallway in order.

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More optionsSKYTTA / BOAXEL Reach-in wardrobe with sliding door 59 7/8x25 5/8x80 1/2 "

SKYTTA / BOAXEL Reach-in wardrobe with sliding door, black double sided/Mehamn white stained oak effect, 59 7/8x25 5/8x94 1/2 "

More optionsSKYTTA / BOAXEL Reach-in wardrobe with sliding door 69 5/8x25 5/8x94 1/2 "

SKYTTA / BOAXEL Reach-in wardrobe with sliding door, black double sided/Mehamn dark gray, 69 5/8x25 5/8x80 1/2 "
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Choosing your ideal hallway storage cabinet

When you’re in a hurry, finding your keys, grabbing your coat, and stepping out the door can feel like a race against the clock. What if your entryway could be the calming solution to this daily hustle? Imagine a designated spot for your go-to jacket, a tidy home for your shoes, and a welcoming space for all your accessories, creating a nice transition between your home and the outside world. This is where the magic of an entryway coat closet steps in. It's not just furniture; it's a functional extension of your home that keeps you on track.

Unleash your creativity when it comes to entryway storage cabinets. Pick from choices like sliding doors or sleek designs to make the most of your space. If your hallway or entryway has more room, have a look at our three-door entryway wardrobes – they're spacious enough for all your clothing must-haves. Keeping your coats, jackets, and accessories neat and tidy is easy with our included rails and shelves. Our interior organizers blend right in, adding to the overall sense of order in the unit you choose.

Personalized storage solutions with coat cabinets

Our entryway coat closet options prioritize both functionality and style. Choose from modern or classic designs that seamlessly blend with the style of your home. Achieve a custom look and utilize every inch of space.

We know everyone has different tastes. That's why we offer adjustable shelves and wardrobes with one, two, or three doors. Prefer sliding doors? We've got that covered too. Coat cabinet combinations come with handy mesh baskets, perfect for storing accessories and textiles.

And if you're after a wardrobe that shows your style, our mirrored wardrobes are here for you.