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KORVMOJ Vegetable hot dog, frozen,

Price $ 7.49/1.014 lb

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On top of the rich veggie taste, this plant-based hot dog tempts with sustainability qualities. Make it a veggie favorite with your toppings of choice.

Article Number304.831.10

Product details

A vegetable hot dog should taste like veggies. That’s why ours consist of nothing but vegetables. They’re a celebration of vegetables.

Visible chunks of kale, lentils, quinoa, onion and carrot.

Includes no animal ingredients, therefore it's a good choice for vegetarians and vegans.

Easily portioned. Prepare the amount needed, leave the rest in the freezer.

By eating more plant based foods you reduce your climate footprint.


    Net weight: 16 oz

    • KORVMOJArticle Number304.831.10

      Width: 9 "

      Height: ¾ "

      Length: 11 ¾ "

      Weight: 1 lb 1 oz

      Package(s): 1


    Great flavor and texture. SarahNice to find a vegetarian hot dog that isn't just made of wheat gluten.5
    Really enjoy theseJohnnyeWe really enjoy these but don't eat them as a hot dog. We treat them like a sausage made of veggies.5
    Veggie dogsJenniferTasty and healthy5
    Best veggie dogs everLindaBest veggie dogs ever5
    Veggie dogPatriciaTasty 5
    I am not a rabbitJanaI am a 4th generation vegetarian and I threw these away. If you want a mash of vegetables (mostly leafy greens) then this is for you. I prefer something more aligned with a “meat” like filed roast.1
    Best Hot Dog Ever!IreneI bought one of these for lunch at the IKEA store. It tasted SO good, I had to go and look for the package. I was NOT disappointed. I continue to enjoy them every time I get a chance.5
    New Favorite ThingJilleneI’ve driven hours to have your vegan hot dogs, and I was so delighted to find I can now take a whole bunch of them home with me. I eat them at any time of day, and I love everything about them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!5
    these are the best veggie dogsConnieI have eaten these in the store and wanted to try them at home. I was not disappointed and will buy again. Yummy!5
    A vegetarians delightAngelaIt looks like a hot dog Assembly in a bread roll is idiot proof It quickly disappeared5
    vegetable dogsJosequick lunch, great alternative to traditional hot dogs.4
    The best veggie dogsSakinah O.These are so delicious you don’t even realize that they’re veggie. I told my colleague about these, she brought some and now her entire family loves them. If you’re. Still undecided about purchasing a package buy a cooked one from the restaurant first.5
    DeliciousCherlynThis doesn't taste like a hot dog. It tastes more like a good veggie burger in a hot dog shape. Very delicious.5
    Veggie hod dogs are goodYaminiWe are vegetarian so it’s good option for us and it’s cheaper too, it also taste good5
    veggi hot dogTalarvery good flavoer5
    Love Them!!!AnnaYummy!!! 😋 Tried one at the IKEA Hicksville food court and so delish that I ran back to buy a package too!!! Just not crazy about the fried onion topping and wish they had relish and real onions instead 😕5
    Hot dogOlivio C.Sorry but they terrible I had just put them in the garage1
    Very good for a "vegi-dog"BrettMy wife was the one who actually purchased this product. She had one at the store and loved it so much, she got us a bag. I gave it a try and found the flavor very tasty. Out of the plant based burgers and dogs I've tried, this one is up there in the top.5
    great veggie dogBarbarathis is a great veggie dog even for meat eaters5
    Carrot dogCarolynI tried the carrot dog at the food kiosk and it was very good. I bought for my son who is a vegan and he like it but didn’t seem as excited about it as I was. I think it was the condiments that made the difference.4