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ROSTAD LÖK Fried onion

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Yellow onions are used both as a spice and as a vegetable. Serve with hot dogs or hamburgers.

Article Number302.371.76

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    Net weight: 3.5 oz

    • ROSTAD LÖKArticle Number302.371.76

      Length: 3 ¼ "

      Weight: 4 oz

      Diameter: 3 ½ "

      Package(s): 1


    DeliciousPatty S.Tastes so good. Much better than the grocery store onions5
    LoveMadjooa K.Love it its so good with salade and also sandwiches5
    Great for Cooking, salads, burgers, hot dogs...SHELEY J.I have loved these since the first time I had them on an Ikea hot dog 20 years ago. The flavor is not too strong but still tastes like an onion.5
    onion crispsChristine K.Adds crunch to a salad or sandwich5
    Best friend onionsRUTH C.Use these exclusively on salads, asian, or any food. Absolutely delicious!5
    Yummy Fired OnionsDAWN M.We love these! They're great in all sorts of dishes, warm and cold. We've been buying them for years. The local market brands can't compete with IKEA's/5
    Onion on topSophy H.Crispy and savory. Good to add on hot dogs and salads.5
    Great tastePatricia W.Wonderful5
    Delicious and tastes like crunchy onion ringsPaula R.I first tasted this as a topping on the vegan hotdogs at the Ikea snack bar and it’s really good. Bought myself a tub and ate it as snack. Lol. Tastes like onion rings but better because not dripping with oil.5
    Best fried onions I have hadNina D.Best and super fresh onions - I love that the container has a great seel. Keeps the onions super crunchy5
    FavoriteLEEMakes anything taste super. Container is perfect for storing and using,5
    OnionSIYOUNEHVery delicious for food prep and decoration.5
    A classic now available at IKEANancyCrispy onions (and shallots) never go out of style! Tasty addition to many foods.5
    Tasty garnishLoisWent back and purchased two more5
    Tostada LokAvidavelThis item was not up to your usual standard. It tasted stale and very greasy. I would not buy nor recommend this item to anyone.2
    Important for original Scandinavian styleTorstenImportant for original Scandinavian style Hot Dogs.5
    My husband loves these driedSylviaMy husband loves these dried onions on salad-anything to get my husband to eat a salad!5
    crunchy deliciousERIKAtop of salads and on top of plain rice! tasty.5
    Yum!MargaretFried onions, what's not to like?5
    Great topper for any dishKRISTINAGreat topper for any dish5

    Function solution

    "Ketchup or mustard?"

    Long, thin sausages served in hot-dog buns are the classic Swedish fast food, and if ever visiting Sweden, you'll find small hot-dog stands all over. With KORV (wiener sausage) and KORVBRÖD (hot dog bread) you can make your own hot-dogs at home. Ketchup and mustard, such as KETCHUP (tomato ketchup) and SENAP MILD (mild mustard), are the traditional toppings, but ROSTAD LÖK (roasted onion) is also very popular. Simmer or fry the sausages - done!