IKEA 365+ VÄRDEFULL Potato peeler, black
IKEA 365+ VÄRDEFULL Potato peeler, black
IKEA 365+ VÄRDEFULL Potato peeler, black
Article Number301.751.40

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Use the sharp edge to remove blemishes/eyes from the potato.Materials in the handle provide a firm grip.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

Håkan Olsson

  • Body:Zinc, Matt chrome-plated
    Blade:Stainless steel
    Handle:Polypropylene, Synthetic rubber
  • IKEA 365+ VÄRDEFULLPotato peelerArticle Number:301.751.40
    Width: 3 ¾ "Height: 1 "Length: 9 ½ "Weight: 4 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

7 "


My new favorite peelerDANIELLEI've been looking for a new peeler to replace my old one... it's older than me but just starting to get dull now. After trying many different peelers of different shapes and sizes, this peeler is surprisingly amazing. The tip is even good for hollowing out the bad parts of what you're peeling, like black spots on potatoes...5
Peeler you must ownKRISTINI have had two great peelers in my life and they have both come from ikea. This is a must own if you ask me!5
Best peeler I"ve ever used.DENISEThis is a great vegetable peeler. There's no need to press down. Just slide the peeler over the vegetable, and it takes away a thin layer. I bought one to give my father and another one to replace one we'd used for years that finally broke. This peeler has held up far better than any of the Ecko peelers I've worked with in recent years.5
Best peelerSamMy wife loves it. She said it’s very sharp to peel off skin from carrots, potatoes, apples.5
PeelerMARYKVery sharp and has a nice weight.5
Best potato peelerZandraI have not been able to find any better peeler. Worth every penny.5
BEST. PEELER. EVER!nycbikerbratSomeone asked if this is a swiveling or stationary peeler. It's stationary. Well, sorta. To be clear, the housing around the blade is stationary; it does not move. The cutting blade itself swivels everso slightly, but this is NOT your typical swiveling/moving peeler... I really hate those! If you prefer a non-swiveling peeler like I do... BUY THIS PEELER, and you will see for yourself what I mean.. it feels so comfortable in your hand, the blade is very sharp, and it peels smoothly and effortlessly. I will never buy another peeler -- this one is the bomb! This a phenomenal kitchen tool,I already purchased 2 more for backup, to be sure I'm never without. But truthfully, it's so WELL MADE it will probably last years, or indefinitely, even with frequent use. A bargain at five bux, it's worth 3x the price! DO NOT HESITATE to buy this, it will become your favorite kitchen gadget.5
Best peeler ever!SbuckPeeler is heavy duty and easy to use. We peel carrots, potatoes, and even butternut squash with ease.5
Pleasantly surprisedSimple ShopperVery smooth operation. I was surprised how well it worked. I had to adjust my hand to be gentler because the peeler glides over the vegetables easily.5
QUESTION -- please!NYCBRATI've read all the excellent reviews. None mention whether or not the blade MOVES or is totally stationary. Can someone please advise? Thanks5
Nice feel to this peelerLAWomanEasy to use. It has a weighted handle that helps to peel much easier and better. I'm really glad I bought this peeler... it was worth it and the price was right. Although I didn't need one, it's such an improvement over my old one!5
Good Sturdy PeelerEJeanWe have been on the lookout for a sturdy peeler. This fit the bill perfectly.5
A different lookRetireeeI have several of these, but I thought the look of this, would be easy to use and it is!5
Requested agsinLoriASLMy mother’s arthritic hands seem to do well with this model5
Love that it’s weighted!WoonakIt peels very nicely and smooth!4
best one I ever had!Gail13This peeler is so easy to use and it skims off the peels without any effort. Seems to just glide along without any pressure needed. It must be very sharp because the peels just seem to fall off.5
Very sturdyTini62I really like how heavy duty it is, some peelers are vey flimsy, it works great Easy to clean too5
I love it!!KarlaMPIm very happy !!!! Easy to wash and cut perfect the cucumbers etc , my moteje in law said: is awesome , good Product !5
Works AmazinglyHbishop17I really love the handle of this peeler. It is very comfortable to hold while peeling. It also has a nice weight to it as well and doesn't feel cheap or flimsy at all. The blade is super sharp and has no problems cutting into vegetables. You definitely need to be careful with it, my husband ended up slipping while cutting a potato and took off half of his thumb nail and a nice chunk of skin. Luckily it grew back fine but he's definitely been hesitant to use the peeler and is extra careful now. If you're looking for a nice, sharp peeler I recommend this one without a doubt!5
The Ikea ThumbpeelerPhilip2017This vegetable peeler is a dangerous weapon. First I cut myself using it, and forgot to tell my partner. Two days later, he used it and injured himself even worse. We have the photographs. Why don't you have a upload button here ?1

Potato peeler, black

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IKEA 365+ VÄRDEFULL Potato peeler, black