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Wall mounted range hoods

A range hood will keep your kitchen air fresh and clean, and it’s an important design element too. Our wall-mounted range hoods come in a variety of finishes, shapes and sizes so getting the look you want is easy. They have different functions too, like variable fan speeds and built-in lights.

Upgrade your kitchen with a wall mounted range hood         

Are you remodeling your entire kitchen or simply looking to upgrade your  existing range hood? Whatever your plans, IKEA has affordable wall mount range hoods that will do a stand-out job of clearing the air while putting a spotlight on your cooking. See our helpful tips below! 

Don’t be shy—put your love of cooking on full display

Unlike built-in range hoods that are mostly hidden within cabinets above the stove, wall mounted range hoods make a bold statement in the kitchen. Get ready to live your best chef life in style with a wall mounted range hood that will give the impression of a professional kitchen with a prominent extraction hood. 

These wall mounted range hoods do more than just help you breathe easy while shining a light on your cooking with energy efficient LED lighting. They also greatly enhance the look and feel of your kitchen. When it comes to wall mounted range hoods, IKEA offers two stylish options. Go with the clean, polished look of sleek stainless steel to match other appliances, or pair black stainless steel with luxurious granite or quartz countertops. 

Choose your own kitchen (remodeling) adventure

Cooking during a busy workweek may not always be as involved as on a chore-free weekend. Sometimes you’re making something quick with what’s on hand or you’re going all out after hitting up the farmer’s market or your local cheese monger.

The same can be applied to updating the kitchen appliances you rely on to wow family and friends. If no existing ductwork is in place in your kitchen, you can make things easier and more affordable by going with a ductless wall mounted range hood.  This option makes other additions—like a second stove—go smoother since they can be installed anywhere. Our ductless hoods use a suction fan and HVI (Home Ventilating Institute) certified charcoal filters to pull in and trap grease, odors, and debris while recirculating air.  

Want to go big? You can have ductwork installed to benefit from a ducted range hood that removes heat, humidity, and odors from your kitchen. Pro tip: Install an inline fan further up within the ductwork instead of directly over the stove for an even quieter range setup. Looking to do even more with your kitchen renovations?  See our options in ceiling mounted range hoods to pair with a new kitchen island and range.

Ready. Set. Know.

Make knowing exactly what you need part of your game plan before choosing the wall mounted range hood you want. Measuring the available space above and around your range top is step one. For maximum effectiveness, you want your wall mount range hood to be 30-36 inches away from your stovetop. And while you want a depth for your range hood that covers your back burners, you also want to be able to lean in to check all your pans or pots without bumping your head. If you’re doing a lot of cooking, you may want to consider a wider extraction hood—say an additional 3 inches on each side.

Also consider how much raw power your range hood will need. The higher BTUs kicked off by gas versus electric stoves require more extraction power from your range hood as does a bigger versus a smaller kitchen.