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Island and ceiling mounted range hoods

Ceiling-mounted range hoods and island range hoods give you the freedom to have a cooktop on a kitchen island or elsewhere. We have a variety of designs to choose from, so you can find one that suits your style. Whichever one you choose, you can count on it keeping your kitchen air fresh.

Choose the best IKEA island range hood for your kitchen

Looking to add an exciting new addition to your kitchen or is time to simply replace a kitchen appliance that has served you well? Either way, IKEA has affordable ceiling mounted range hoods to put a cooling breeze over whatever steamy situations you create around your kitchen island stovetop. 

The sky’s the limit

Okay, actually, your ceiling is the limit here, but we’re not here to tell you how to dream. Perhaps you’re tired of bumping elbows while cooking on your stovetop beneath a built-in range hood set into the wall. We all want a little more space. Wanna get away while not going anywhere? Head to the islands—or the island. Putting in a new kitchen island that frees us space to flex your cooking muscles and socialize is easy with the smooth addition of a ceiling mounted range hood overhead.

Your escape hatch comes in two ways

You have options when adding a ceiling mounted range hood for a new stove in the middle of your kitchen. While existing ductwork overhead a new kitchen island can make installation easy, fear not. If you want to forgo the expensive and time-consuming installation of ductwork in the space above your kitchen, you can choose to connect your range hood to a ductless system that sufficiently traps grease, odor, and debris with HVI (Home Ventilating Institute) certified charcoal filters and a suction fan that recirculates air. 

Meanwhile, a ducted system has the advantage of more aggressively expelling heat, humidity, and other foulness outside of the home with a system that can be quieted by selecting an inline exhaust fan placed up inside the ductwork instead of directly over the stove.

Take in that island glow

Along with the crisp illumination of energy efficient LED lighting that will help you distinguish your cherry tomatoes from your kumquats, you’ll get some definitive stylin’ at an affordable price that will set your kitchen apart. Your new Ikea island range hood will extend down from the ceiling in sleek stainless steel before hovering over your cooktop in striking black stainless steel and glass that gives a light, airy impression. Want to let off some steam above existing counter space? See our options in wall mounted range hoods. 

Measure your expectations to exceed them

Make knowing exactly what you need part of your game plan before choosing the island range hood that redefines your kitchen. Measuring the available space above and around your range top is step one. For maximum effectiveness, you want your ceiling mounted range hood to be 30-36 inches away from your stovetop. And while you want a depth for your range hood that covers your back burners, you also want to be able to lean in to check all your percolating pots without knocking your noggin. If you’re doing a lot of cooking, you may want to consider a wider extraction hood—say an additional 3 inches on each side. 

You also have to factor in the type of stove you have. Since a gas stove kicks off more BTUs, it requires a range hood with more extraction power than one paired with an electric stove. And a big kitchen will demand more raw power of a range hood than a smaller space.