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LED lighting

A smart new bulb with classic good looks

This bulb adds a warm retro shine to your home with or without a lamp shade. It’s smart, so you can switch it on and off remotely or dim it to change the mood when you combine it with other products in our smart home range.

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Two KAPPELAND pendant lamps hang in a hallway with two gray HAUGA chests of 3 drawers and a RÅMEBO mirror.
    A lit TRÅDFRI E27 470 lumen LED bulb inside a rattan KAPPELAND pendant lamp shade. The light casts a pattern on the wall.
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      A new LED strip light to fill your home with color

      Get ready for a color takeover with this fun LED strip light. Simply stick it wherever you want to set the mood with your favorite hues. Whether you’re gaming, socializing or chilling-out, there are three different modes so it’s easy to choose the lighting for the moment.

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      A multicolour VATTENSTEN LED light strip showing green placed vertically above a wardrobe in the corner of a dark bedroom.
        The top corner of a room near a door with a VILHATTEN wardrobe that has an LED light strip showing pink vertically above it.
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          Brighten up your home with LED lights

          LED lights are an energy-efficient, great modern solution in lighting that casts a diffuse, even light that’s crisp yet soft. The even illumination of LED lighting will do away with shadowy recesses in rooms while providing clarity through direct lighting.

          Types of LED lighting

          LED spotlights with shelving or cabinet clamp

          Enjoy glare-free light anywhere with the flexibility of a bendable lamp neck and a clamp that can firmly attach to desks, shelving, headboards or cabinets. Super slim and easy to relocate, the lamp head is adjustable as well. Read a book into the wee hours without disturbing your partner as the light goes only where you want it to. Or, clamp it to shelving or a tabletop to illuminate the model train set you’ve been working on with the kids.

          LED light strips

          Flexible lighting strips allow you to express your creativity in lighting. Trace the top of headboards and the bottom of bed sets with cooling LED lighting to redefine your bedroom. They’re suitable for confined spaces since they emit less heat than incandescent bulbs. They can be cut to fit, so you can illuminate medicine cabinets, wardrobes or trophy cases. Use them to add a stunning glow to entertainment centers or to highlight works of art with sharp lighting from below.

          LED lamps

          Light up even the smallest space in your home and put it to practical use with this super-slim lamp with an adjustable lamp head. It’s easy to get to work with your laptop wherever you go since you can power LED lamps through the USB port on your computer or an ordinary outlet

          LED track lighting

          Use cabinet spotlights to showcase your piece of art or to make collectibles or cherished family heirlooms come to life. Create a stunning display by illuminating open shelves or closed glass doors holding fine dining ware or your kids’ little league trophies.

          Save with LED light bulbs

          Buy fewer light bulbs and enjoy fewer changeouts with the long lifespan of LED bulbs.The LED light source of smart LED light fixtures consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs. LED light fixtures emit far less heat, making them suited for confined spaces such as wardrobes, cabinets and drawers. Their low energy consumption helps you to spend less on your electricity bill for even more cost savings. Smart LED lights provide a soft, yet crisp illumination that disperses evenly throughout a room to cut down on shadows while providing the clarity of direct, even light that is glare free. Some LED light fixtures, including LED light strips, can be connected to the TRÅDFRI driver and wireless dimmer. Don’t get out of bed or off the couch to adjust the mood since you can easily turn on, turn off and dim your lighting as needed, wirelessly. You can even use voice command by adding the TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app for control through Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Home.

          Frequently asked questions about LED lighting?

          How much more efficient are LED lights?

          LED light bulbs consume up to 85% less energy than standard bulbs.

          How long do LED bulbs last?

           With far less energy consumption, LED lighting lasts up to 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs, with a lifetime of approximately 15,000 hours. So you’ll save money on both bulb replacements and electricity.

          How do LED lights work?

          LED lighting uses diodes or a semiconductor device to focus light. Their diode-based lighting is far more efficient than the standard lighting of incandescent bulbs which relies upon the heating of filaments to provide illumination. To underscore the difference, we’ve all tried to change a hot incandescent bulb. LED lighting, however, is never hot to the touch—which illustrates how much less energy they use.