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Gas cooktop, glass ceramic or energy-saving induction? How many burners would you like? Our range of cooktops has something that will match your space and your style of cooking. Check out our range for a choice that will make your time in the kitchen easier and more fun, every day. 

Update your kitchen with a new IKEA cooktop

Whether it’s time to replace a trusted kitchen cooktop or you’d like to upgrade to one with better features, IKEA has affordable cooktops to help any home chef raise their game.

Find a kitchen cooktop that matches your needs

Avid home cooks and chefs alike prefer the precise temperature control of open flame cooking that gas cooktops provide. Just hit the ignition button and you’re in control with the turn of a dial. Glass ceramic cooktops offer a practical, easy-to-clean alternative featuring an expandable cooking zone. Induction cooktops use electromagnetic coils to only heat your pans. In that way, they’re much more energy efficient and safer to use. Both induction and glass ceramic cooktops come with a heat indicator that will let you know when the cooking surface has cooled. And we have options in all our cooktops to meet your needs. Choose a portable induction cooktop with one cooking surface or go with up to five cooking surfaces with our induction or glass ceramic cooktops. Want to cook with some extra direct heat? Instead of a four-burner gas cooktop, you can go with a five-burner cooktop. Protip: With induction cooktops, you must use pans made of magnetic material such as stainless steel.

Let smart design go hand in hand with smooth cleaning

The minimalist lines of the corner-to-corner grates of IKEA gas stoves let you easily move pots around without picking them up. They also easily detach in segments that are dishwasher safe. Meanwhile, the burners are sealed to prevent debris and spills from getting down below. The sleek, black stainless steel surface is treated to resist everything down to fingerprints. Glass ceramic and induction cooktops lend your space a glossy, black sheen that is also easy to clean. Since only the pans are heated with induction cooktops, spills are even easier to wipe away. And if you choose a portable induction cooktop, you can move it elsewhere or store it away in a drawer when you’re done. No matter what cooktop you choose, you’ll be adding a design element that compliments the look of any kitchen. 

Breathe easier with a choice that fits your kitchen

Finding the right cooktop is easy with IKEA. Just measure your space, noting depth, width, and height available for where you’d like your kitchen cooktop to be installed within or placed above your countertop. If you’re going with a gas cooktop, you have to consider a ducted or ducted range hood for ventilation if there is not already one above the spot you chose. And unless you choose a portable induction cooktop, installation by professionals in accordance with local safety guidelines is required.