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Thick veneer countertops

Our thick veneer kitchen countertops offer you the natural color and grain of wood (adding warmth to your kitchen). They’re pre-treated for quicker installation and available as pre-cut which means you can take it home today. Our veneer process allows patterns otherwise difficult and expensive to get.

Wood and butcher block style countertops

Countertops with a top layer of wood have all the qualities of solid wood, enhanced by modern technology. They are made with ⅛" layer of solid wood wrapped on particleboard. This increases the stability and makes them less likely to split or crack. They can be sanded down to remove minor scratches, and will keep their natural beauty over the years.

Oak countertops

Oak is a hardwood, making it a popular choice for countertops and interiors. Its color ranges from light brown to a rich reddish–brown and it darkens with age.

Birch countertops

Birch is fine-grained and pale in color with a satin-like sheen that darkens with age. It often has knots or heartwood in cream or light brown which will give your countertop a unique and distinct natural look.

Walnut countertops

The natural color and grain of wood adds warmth to your kitchen decor. Walnut gets lighter in color with age. It has a rich variation in color and a decorative, curved grain pattern.

Ash countertops

This is a blonde hardwood with a beautiful grain pattern. The variations in the color make each countertop unique and give it a distinctive natural look. It gets gradually darker with age.