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Our ranges offer a convenient way for you to get a quality cooktop (and with all the functions, too). Whether you choose an electric stove with a ceramic cooktop or go for a gas cooker, it will fit perfectly between a pair of IKEA kitchen cabinets.

Choose the right range for your kitchen

Looking to put your stamp on the kitchen in your new home or apartment, or is it just time to upgrade a centerpiece kitchen appliance? Either way, IKEA has affordable, stylish options in kitchen ranges that fit the needs of any home chef.

Let your passions guide you

How you like to cook can guide your decision making process. The instantaneous heat from open flame gas stoves can make for quick searing of steaks as well as more precise temperature control while frying. If you prefer an easy-to-clean cooktop that also provides quick heating, then go with the smooth, glossy surface of an electric or induction burner. Love to bake or do you often cook several dishes at once? Then you may want to pair one of our range stovetops with the even heating of a convection oven.  The constant recirculation of hot air inside convection ovens makes for flakier pie crusts and faster, even cooking for as many dishes as you’d like to place upon our multi-tiered oven racks. Want to bring the heat at an exact setting? Well, get ready to dial in that perfect brisket or roasted eggplant recipe. With our ovens, you can adjust the temperature of the broil and grill function for customized cooking. 

Raise your game with standout features

IKEA ranges come with a variety of slick options to help you settle into the fast lane in the kitchen. Choose a range with high-power to low-power burners to do everything from stir-fry to gently simmer. Apply the convenience of smart, built-in timers that will let you know when something should be done, or set your oven to an exact temperature at a time of your choosing. Save energy with the energy efficiency of our induction stovetops and convection ovens. Efficient induction technology also improves safety. Since induction cooktops stay almost completely cold as heat flows directly into the base of your cookware, you can worry less about little hands accidentally touching the stove. Our oven self-cleaning functions will save you time. Simply program the self-cleaning function for two to four hours and sit back while grease and food residue are burnt to ashes that can easily be wiped away. Maximize your kitchen space with a smart storage drawer below our ovens that can stow away your baking sheets, frying pans, and lids. Our freestanding ranges are ready to fit in and meet the needs of any kitchen. And all our ranges are made to slide-in perfectly between IKEA cabinets, which makes planning your kitchen even easier.

Add a fresh new addition to your kitchen

Whether singing lead or backup, good singers bring out the best in each other.Get ready to add a stunning new centerpiece to your kitchen that will visually harmonize with any existing kitchen look. With kitchen range options sporting sleek and modern stainless or black stainless steel and an overall elegant design, our new IKEA ranges will pair well with your existing appliances.               

Take a tailored approach

Measure the depth, width, and height available in your kitchen and then consider how much cooking you do. Want more space? Choose a range with up to 6 burners and a more spacious oven. Once you know what you want, installation should be handled by professionals in accordance with local safety guidelines.