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POÄNG series

Staying popular is hard. Our POÄNG modern armchair has retained its appeal for over forty years and counting. It’s one great chair, though: bentwood makes it strong and flexible, its design follows your body for comfort, while its soft bounce will turn you into a fan the moment you sit down.

A birch veneer/beige POÄNG armchair, a dark grey TERTIAL work lamp and a flatwoven LOHALS rug stand in the corner of a room.
With POÄNG armchair I wanted to combine the Scandinavian and Japanese furniture traditions. It also felt important to make the most of the qualities of layer-glued wood. That’s why the frame is a little springy, which makes the armchair even more comfortable. When I first created the armchair in 1972 it was called POEM, and I hoped the design would feel timeless. I think we succeeded with that. Now, the armchair feels like a real classic.

Noboru NakamuraDesigner

Timeless design meets comfort and quality

With its classic design that never goes out of style and the option to change cushions and covers whenever you feel like it, the POÄNG armchair is something you can love for a long time. Its springy and stylish bentwood frame and supportive high back make it very comfortable to sit on, too.

Part of a softly lit POÄNG armchair with a light-wood frame and a dark cover, in a room with a light-yellow tile floor.
A colorful cozy corner centered around a black-and-birch-veneer POÄNG armchair, textiles and a white NYMÅNE floor lamp.

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