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Outdoor benches

An outdoor bench offers a versatile seat, whether you’re eating dinner or relaxing in the sun. Choose a garden bench with a back for added support, or go for a space-saving backless patio bench that easily tucks away under the table. Our selection includes traditional wooden patio benches, modern garden bench sofas and smaller profile loveseats. Up the cozy factor of any patio, porch, poolside, balcony and beyond with an IKEA patio bench.

Upgrade your patio or garden with an outdoor bench

Adding an inviting outdoor bench to your space encourages family and friends to sit and stay awhile. We offer a variety to suit individual preferences, styles and needs, with all designs crafted for longevity and easy care.

Ready to upgrade your space but aren’t sure what to look for in the right fit for you? Some considerations you’ll want to make include…

Patio bench styles with and without backrests

If comfort is a key concern, choosing a patio bench with a back will provide the most support for your guests. You can also easily up the comfort factor of any outdoor bench by adding cushy outdoor cushions. 

Where backless benches shine is in their lower profile, which can be easily tucked under tables when not in use. If your outdoor space is especially small, a backless porch bench can also feel less overwhelming without sacrificing seating. 

Wood and metal garden bench designs

The majority of IKEA’s outdoor benches are crafted from solid wood or metal, both of which offer durability, beauty and strength. While the overall style varies from design to design, typically wooden benches offer a more classic, traditional feel, while a metal outdoor bench reads more modern. Whichever material you choose, be sure to read the care instructions to keep it looking fresh and new as long as possible. 

Variety of uses for outdoor benches

Think of how and when you’ll use your bench most often, and choose a style that complements that activity. This will also influence how you accessorize your bench. Let’s explore a few options…

  • Sitting and relaxing: Whether you’ll be enjoying the fresh air, a good book or taking in the view of your gorgeous garden, choose a bench designed for lazily lounging. Consider a porch bench with a backrest, and add outdoor cushions and pillows for optimal comfort
  • Dining: There’s nothing quite like a meal on the patio in the warmer months, and we have the seating solutions you need to ensure it’s not standing room only! Many people opt for backless patio benches that can be stored under the table when not in use, but a design with a backrest is ideal if you’ll be sticking around for conversation long after dessert. Want to ensure everyone has an option that meets their comfort needs? Consider using a bench with a back at one side of the table, and a backless outdoor bench at the other
  • Entertaining: If friends and family will be gathering around the garden often, add outdoor cushions, throw blankets, string lights or lanterns to make your cozy corner even more comfortable and stylish. For the perfect complement to your patio bench, be sure to browse our outdoor chairs collection. Deck chairs look chic and classic paired with wooden outdoor benches, while our plastic outdoor chairs pair perfectly with modern metal designs