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Plush mattresses

IKEA’s positively plush mattresses are where the comfiest, coziest dreams come true! Our lush and plush mattress selection includes twin, full, queen and king sizes in foam and spring designs. On a mattress firmness scale of 1-10, plush beds fall around the 3 or 4 mark making them one of the softest mattresses available. If sink-in softness is what you’re looking for, browse our plush mattresses to find your body-hugging, curve-cradling favorite.

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Who is a plush mattress perfect for?

While the right mattress is always the one that feels best for you, we have found that plush mattresses tend to work best for petite and lighter weight sleepers. Heavier sleepers may sink too far into a plush mattress for their body and spine to be properly supported, which can result in aches and pains over time. They can also become overheated while sleeping, or find it difficult to move as freely as they would like. With this in mind, plush mattresses are better suited to folks who sleep alone or couples where both partners are lightweight.

Plush mattresses help keep you warm on cold nights

The downy surface of a plush mattress acts as a wonderful insulator, and can help keep you warmer at night. This makes them a smart choice for cool sleepers or anyone who has difficulty sleeping or staying asleep if they catch a chill. That said, if you tend to wake up sweating in the night the pillowy, sink-in surface of plush beds may make things too toasty for comfort. We encourage hot sleepers to consider the improved airflow of medium firm and firm mattresses.