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Legs & trestles

Trestles and table legs – they’re like the slacks of the desk world. Pair them with a tabletop, and you’ve made an outfit. Choose legs made of materials like metal or bamboo in more modern styles or traditional looks. Some even have shelves for built-in storage, you know, like pockets. 

Remix your table situation with interchangeable table legs and trestles

Smart design often means customizable design. With desk legs and trestles that work with various types of tabletops, you can match style and function with the work surface of your choice. 

There’s more to choose from in desk legs than whether you want the elegant, traditional look of stained bamboo in HILVER cone-shaped table legs, the minimalist look of white, black, or gray powder-coated steel legs or the striking, modern look of octagonal, durable beech table legs (ALVARET) painted dark gray. Or perhaps pair slate gray painted beech wood legs (TORKSLINT) with a wood stained tabletop or perhaps one in black or white.

Looking to protect your precious hardwood flooring? Then go with OLOV legs with plastic feet that prevent scratching. OLOV legs are adjustable up to 11 inches, allowing you to fit your workstation or desk to your exact needs. Need to wheel a projector into place or show off your daughter’s diorama project? No problem. Get rolling with wheeled KRILLE caster legs that lock into place. Got an uneven floor in your study or den? Crank out that novel you got inside of you with the help of ADILS table legs with adjustable feet.

Need to get to work in a tight spot? Match a rustic wood or blue or white steel trestle with a tabletop that fits your needs. Besides being a stable platform for a variety of surfaces, the shelving underneath frees up space by storing away books, printers or any of your supplies. The MITTBACK trestle pairs a rustic, traditional look with a tilt function that helps you find the sweet spot for your creativity in whatever tabletop angle you need to draw, design or paint.  

And you have a leg up on clean ups with pre-stained wood or powder-coated steel surfaces. Just wipe any dust or spills away with a damp, soapy cloth before drying with a dry towel.