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Pots & pans

You’ll have more money left over for tasty ingredients when you shop our affordable pots and pans. They’re durable and good quality and the mix of types and sizes means you don’t waste energy cooking small items in large pans. Explore kitchen pots and pans in a variety of materials such as stainless steel or non-stick.

A pot full of deliciousness

Who says dinner parties have to be formal? Keep it simple with a one-pot meal and you can spend more time socializing with your guests and less time in the kitchen.

Steam rises from under the lid of an IKEA 365+ pot. GLADELIG plates and SNÖYRA LED lighting chain are on the table.
A woman hands a plate of olives over an IKEA 365+ pot to another woman. Grey GLADELIG plates and bowls are on the table.

Kitchen pots and pans to cook just about anything

When it’s time to get everything you need to get cooking in a new house or apartment, find affordable pots and pans for any style kitchen and whatever level of home cooking you are on.

A smart design goes from helpful handles and lids down to the enamel steel, stainless steel or aluminum in the makeup of these kitchen pots and pans that can provide quick, even heating along with durability and easy cleanups. Choose between non stick pots and pans, as well as those without a non stick coating. 

Find cookware sets in a variety of sizes—4,5 and 6-piece—and looks that combine options such as frying pans, saucepans and stock pots.

From 3 quart to a whopping 16 quarts, choose the cooking & stock pots you need for crab boils, making Sunday gravy or making whatever size batches of broth or stock that you desire. Go with all stainless steel, aluminum or select a Dutch oven with steel enamel.

And when it’s time to get saucy get a handle on yourself (as a home chef) and select saucepans designed to help you reduce and perfect small to larger batches of sauce to complement and transform any meal.

Taking on a recipe that requires lots of slow cooking? Breathe easy with IKEA pressure cookers that let you carry on with your day knowing that a delicious meal is being taken care of by a smartly designed appliance.


Frequently asked questions about kitchen pots and pans

How to clean pots and pans?

Be good to yourself. After you’ve scraped the last bit of pasta sauce out with a spatula, flipped the perfect omelet onto a plate from the frying pan or spooned out the last bit of bordelaise sauce from the saucepan, run under hot soapy water and clean right away or let soak before scrubbing.

How to hang kitchen pots and pans?

Find helpful hooks and shelving along with IKEA kitchen island with convenient overhead storage hooks.

Where to put pots in the kitchen?

Find smart solutions in kitchen shelves & drawers to complement any wall or overhead storage racks. Use the drawer beneath your oven to store pans and place pots in the cabinets next to or above the oven.