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Yellow decor and gold decor

It’s time for a little sunshine and warmth. Shop here for yellow decor and gold home accessories to give your room some extra brightness and joy. The color yellow is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, where you can always use another layer of liveliness. And yellow kitchen accessories and gold bathroom accessories give a retro look that wakes up the atmosphere as you cook or clean. Browse below for yellow and gold mirrors, boxes, frames, decorative accessories and more.

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Add a ray of sunshine to your home

Bring your room to life with a pop of yellow. It’s the color of flowers and sunny days, and it adds an extra cheeriness to any space. Yellow decor naturally feels uplifting and positive in almost any shade, and it works with a variety of color schemes, furniture choices and decorating styles. It’s not just a summer color either. Depending on the shade, it can also create a golden autumn vibe with gold accent decor.

How does yellow or gold decor make a room feel?

In interior design, yellow is associated with warmth and joy. It’s a cheerful tone that’s stimulating and energetic. While too much yellow can overwhelm the eye, a few pieces of yellow home decor can liven up a room. The same goes for gold decor. By using different shades of yellow and gold, you can create different effects. Gold decorative objects give off a stylish and luxurious look, whilst more muddy yellows have an antique feeling that evokes a sense of history. Mix and match to create the perfect look for your room.

How do you decorate your room with yellow home accessories and gold decor?

Both yellow and gold home accessories work best for uplifting darker and more gloomy colors, and for creating a warm and cozy contrast. But they also pair well with each other and with colors associated with nature such as green and blue. While yellow can be matched with a variety of other tones and still feel fresh and invigorating, a touch of shiny gold will add elegance to the whole space.