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Black decor

Dreaming of a bold and chic vibe? Then black is the color for you. Explore black decor, homeware and accessories that make a powerful statement in any space. These home accessories are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and anywhere else in your house. Black is a stylish and modern color that carries an air of simplicity and sophistication. It’s also perfect for creating powerful drama along with accents and contrasts. Browse to find black home decor that is bound to make your room pop.

Go bold or go home

Using black decor is a bold choice to make an impact. And a little goes a long way. It’s a color of intensity and depth, and it packs a powerful punch. At the same time, it’s also versatile and can create a timeless and classic look that never goes out of style. Interior designers often use black home decor to create feelings of simplicity and elegance. This is the style it works best in – a clean and sophisticated aesthetic. If you’re looking to make a strong impression, a few black home accessories might just pull together your entire room.

Why do interior designers use black decor accents?

Black decorative objects are a great addition to your scheme if you’re looking to create contrasts and accents. It brings out other lighter colors and textures, creating patterns and dimensions in your space. Generally, black home decor accents go well in modern rooms, especially when paired with white, blue, red, yellow and other brighter colors. Imagine your black home accessories as shadows, emphasizing and dramatizing the figures in front of them. Use them to emphasize your style choices and to add some drama and atmosphere to your space.

Which rooms does black decor work best in?

Black works well in all sorts of rooms. It’s a universal color for creating simplicity, elegance and contrast. In particular, black bathroom accessories are popular because bathrooms often contain light colored walls and floors. Bathrooms also feature lots of smooth and reflective surfaces. This lets your black decor emphasize these shades and textures while still keeping the bathroom light and vibrant. Black bedroom accessories and black living room accessories are also popular choices if you’re trying to create a sleek and clean style. These include items like black vases, wall art, frames, plant pots and more.