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Gas cooktops

Gas cooktops are the perfect choice for any home chef. They’re fast and responsive for cooking, and they look great in any kitchen. Our gas cooktops have electric ignition and integrated safety valves too. Check out our selection to find one with all the right features for you.

Update your kitchen with a new IKEA gas cooktop

Is it time to replace your outdated gas cooktop? Or perhaps you’d like to upgrade to a modern cooktop that will help take your cooking game to the next level. Either way, IKEA has standout gas cooktops for every home chef.

Hit the ignition

Compared to cooking with electric or induction burners, gas burners provide the satisfying immediate pop of a flame that comes with hitting a button. The direct manipulation of an open flame can make for quicker, more precise temperature control. High-powered burners give you that extra boost for rapid boiling and stir-frying. Meanwhile, reducing delicate sauces is easy with the steady, even temperature of the low simmer burner.

Now you’re cooking with functional style

Merge the modern look of black stainless steel with convenient functionality. The elegant, minimalist lines of the grates on our gas cooktops run corner to corner, so moving pots around is a breeze. Store pots and pans by popping out the stainless steel storage drawer beneath the sleek glass of the oven door. IKEA gas cooktops are freestanding, so it’s easier to place them wherever you want them to serve as the design centerpiece of your kitchen.

Go forth with measured expectations

Besides getting the ol’ tape measure out to know exactly how much space you’re working with, apply where you’re at as a home chef. If you cook lots of big, elaborate meals, treat yourself to the convenience of five burners instead of four and a bigger oven. If this is an entirely new addition, installing a range hood is a must as well. You can go with one that connects to existing ductwork or a range hood that uses charcoal filters to remove debris, grease, and odors before recirculating air. Once you know exactly what you want, make sure you have enough clearance for your range hood overhead, the surrounding countertops, and your gas line behind. We then recommend having professionals do your install in accordance with local safety regulations. Want more options in cooktops? See our options in induction cooktops and glass ceramic cooktops.

Don’t let your pans be a flash in the pan

Thankfully, pans built to maximize the raw power of gas cooktops also have what it takes to stick around. The same stainless steel, copper, or ceramic material that allows for quick and even heat distribution protects your pans from the brunt force of an open flame. You don’t always have to go with something like heavy-duty cast iron or high carbon pans, however. If you do use less hardy non-stick pans on a gas cooktop you have to stay at or below a medium heat.

Get help cleaning up

Smart features and design combine to help get you out of the kitchen faster than before. Cleanup is simple with easily removable grates over sealed burners that prevent spills and debris from going where they shouldn’t. Getting an assist from your oven is also nice. Use the self-cleaning function to burn grease and debris to ash that you can easily wipe away with a paper towel. For a deep clean, you can program the oven to clean up its act for 2-4 hours. When available, the steam clean function handles lights messes in 20 minutes while being chemical and odor free. Also helpful: the easy-to-clean black stainless steel of IKEA gas cooktops is treated to repel fingerprints.